Good advice? Great. 

Good advice that’s followed? Magic.

Parenting can be really hard anyway, but when mom and dad need to be “on” nonstop, it can be even more challenging. Just a few minutes here and there, knowing your kiddo’s A-OK? Ahhhh.

She’s a flight attendant who’s always on the go, and she’s building Orange Line Gear on the side. Her first product? A fidget blanket for children with autism. Get 15% off when you buy one for a child you love or even to donate to an organization you support (pssst… also very effective with adults with dementia).

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Why this business?

Brita’s “daughter in-love” has taught children with autism for over 11 years. She helped create the product design so it will help her preschoolers learn life skills like working zippers and buckles. But they also designed this blanket to relieve agitation, promote sensory play, and help them to absorb what they’re learning by keeping their hands busy so they’re not so distracted.

Making smart use of her time, she realized a little publicity could do a lot of good. So, Brita reached out to a couple of newspapers (remember them?) in Vancouver and told her story. A reporter reached out and interviewed Brita and they ran the story.

And then Brita’s phone started ringing. Friends from different provinces saw her story and reached out. The story went out to 150 local newspapers across British Columbia. Nice, right? There’s a school district in Vancouver that’s trying Brita’s blanket, and Brita’s looking at doing fundraisers for schools to be able to use them in their classrooms for students with autism.


Reach out to your local media and tell them about how you’re serving your person. You never know what will come from it.

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