If you called email marketing pro Bryan Starck a word wizard, you’d be right. After all, he did 15x his ecommerce client’s revenue in less than using nothing but words. But he’ll be the first to tell you that you don’t have to have perfect email marketing messages to get the job done. This is a case of “better done than none.” Here’s how he performed this feat, and how you can avoid leaving mountains of money on the table.

Take it away, Bryan.

The Situation

A client of ours in the fitness space creates high-quality, affordable home gym equipment. As you might expect, they've been growing like a wildfire in the last year - largely through paid advertising.

However, they had a problem. Almost all of their revenue was coming from a platform that they did not control - Facebook.

They were terrified that at any moment, the Facebook algorithm could change or something could happen to their ad account, leaving them hanging out to dry.

Until February 2021, they had not spent much time or energy on email marketing. They were doing more than $1mm per month in revenue, but only had 2-3 basic automated emails set up.

They knew they needed to invest in email, but didn't know how to move forward. So they brought on our team at 100 Celsius.

What We Did

When we started working with them, we got clear about what they wanted to accomplish with email marketing.

We agreed that the top goals were to educate leads better about the products, turn more prospects into customers, and help customers use their items better after they ordered.

After aligning on goals, the 100 Celsius team conducted thorough research and uncovered why people were truly buying the client's products.

We refreshed their email templates to match their clean, modern, energetic brand...

We fixed a few undetected technical problems with their email software. (They had been missing out on tens of thousands of dollars every month because of these issues.)

And over the span of the next three weeks, our team wrote, designed, and installed 12 automated email flows in Klaviyo to cover the full customer lifecycle. Flows that:

  • Recovered abandoned carts and shopping sessions
  • Welcomed new email prospects and converted them into buyers
  • Validated new customers and helped them get more success with their purchase
  • Cross-sold accessories
  • Re-engaged lapsed customers
  • Generated testimonials and user-generated content
  • Encouraged new customers to sign up for and use the mobile app
  • And much more

The Transformation

In February of 2021, this client did approximately $15,000 in revenue from email marketing.

In March 2021 (due to the email flows set up by our team) they generated more than $223,000 from automated email flows alone.

Not only did their business generate an extra $200k+ in 30 days (with their most popular product being on back-order all month), but they were able to do it without spending ANY extra money on paid ads.

Best of all - their customers are now having a much better experience. They are being treated well and they are getting the right information at every step of their journey.

The Takeaway

Many brands think the key to scaling is all about customer acquisition and pumping more money into paid ads. But without a robust email marketing foundation in place, they leave tens or hundreds of thousands on the table every month.

Luckily, this client's extraordinary results are not actually uncommon.

If you have a business that is making sales and you don't have an email automation system set up, getting one set up can be an absolute game-changer. In fact, it often adds an extra 10-15%+ in sales per month.

So don't wait. Just get started!

Having something set up is ALWAYS better than nothing at all.

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