What do you imagine if you hear the phrase “living the dream”? 

Whatever you picture, it’s probably not teaching middle school.

But that’s exactly where Chad Maghielse (“ma-GIL-see”) was. He’d even won Teacher of the Month, and soon after decided his first year teaching would also be his last. 

Chad Maghielse craved the same thing we all do… time freedom.

So, Chad became a realtor. Only two problems there: buyers and sellers. They want you when they want you, nevermind that you’re eating dinner, have plans for the weekend, or don’t feel like answering your phone.

That’s when Chad stumbled onto a little podcast called Freedom Fastlane. Chad subscribed. Then he joined what evolved into the Capitalism Incubator… all while his French bulldogs watched closely. 

There, he built Pets Are Kids Too, the pet brand Chad ultimately sold for 7 figures. His brand checked all the boxes for lifestyle design, satisfying that craving for freedom while giving Chad a simple plan for setting himself up for life financially. Build a million dollar business you can sell. Invest the profits. Live life on your own terms.

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But there was one little hitch. 

When Chad sold his brand, he signed a non-compete that forbade him from starting a pet brand or helping anyone else start one either… for a time. It recently expired.

Now, Chad built Pets Are Kids Too before we talked much about the Owner’s Model. He reached a million in sales in 12 months the same way many do - by being scrappy and doing most of the work himself. 

He says that DIY frame of mind means he left money on the table. Email marketing, done right, is a profit center rather than an expense. That’s why it would top the list of crucial tasks he’d hand off if he had a redo. (Now, Chad did rely on 99 Designs for package design and he never ran an Amazon PPC ad himself - so he did dip a toe into the Owner’s Model.)

The way he describes the Owner’s Model is perfection…

As the founder, you have just three jobs: casting the vision for your brand, getting the right people in place, and make sure you never run out of money. Just those three jobs - not doing all the things. BUT… you must actually do those three jobs. You can’t delegate what only you can do.

Along the way to becoming a millionaire, Chad had a pretty inspiring revelation. When he was just starting out, he thought it would be really hard to compete with big companies. After all, these big players must have it all figured out with streamlined processes that pretty much ensure they’ll win.

Au contraire! Chad points out that that’s your secret advantage. You can pivot faster. You can test things quickly (whether product related or in your sales processes). You can respond to feedback quickly. And perhaps most importantly, you can really get to know your person and create the exact product they crave - a product that’s truly different from all the “me too” products out there. Release a product that’s different and that actually solves your person’s problem, and you’ll become a force to reckon with in your marketplace.

What’s all this mean for you?

If you want to build a million dollar pet brand, coached by a guy who’s done just that… this is your lucky day. 

All of our coaches are here because they share our vision for creating a million millionaires - and they’re really good at what they do. If you’ve been wondering whether The One Percent or the Capitalism Incubator could help you reach your first million, schedule a call to find out.

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