One of the biggest fights out there is largely invisible and ignored by the media. I’m talking about the fight against apathy.

The millennial generation, my generation, is largely apathetic. It’s true. They’re so frustrated with the bad job market. But so many of them feel paralyzed, or don’t realize that they can do something about it.

It might seem easier to be an armchair activist, but in the long term we don’t have that luxury.

We need to bring millennials into conservatism, into capitalism, by showing them that fiscal responsibility is how we create prosperity. Free markets are the way we create prosperity. Capitalism is the way we create prosperity. And without millennials driving our economy, we won’t have a voice in the way things turn out.

We have to become active, to stand up and say, this is the kind of world we want to live in, these are the kinds of jobs we want to create for ourselves and for future generations, these are the industries we want to build, this is what we want.


There’s a reason why the famous scene from The Notebook is a popular meme. Because a lot of us are afraid to say, to create, what we want.

Every day is another opportunity to make a choice, and every passing day without making a choice is an opportunity lost.

If we looked at our choices as investments, in our futures and the futures of our kids and our families and our friends, we would realize the value of those choices mean something and we would do something about it.

Apathy is tough to beat. But when you take that first step, by speaking out or deciding to build a business or taking a course to learn about how to increase your value in the marketplace, that first step can be a catalyst for your future.

You can do it.

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