Dick Wolf has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry as an award-winning television producer and creator. From creating Law & Order to its various spinoffs, his empire of successful shows have earned him great success over the years. But what's Dick Wolf's net worth? It may surprise you just how much he is really worth!

In this article we'll be covering everything from who exactly is Dick Wolf to how he got so wealthy and where does his money go today. We will also be looking at future projections on his net worth. Plus some fun FAQs about one of TV’s most influential personalities. So let’s dive into it.

Table of Contents:

  • Dick Wolf's Net Worth
  • Who is Dick Wolf?
    • Early Life and Career Beginnings
    • Law & Order Franchise Success
    • Other Projects
  • How Did Dick Wolf Make His Money?
  • What Does Dick Wolf Do With His Money?
  • The Future of Dick Wolf's Net Worth
  • Takeaway

Dick Wolf's Net Worth

Dick Wolf's net worth is estimated to be around $600 million. The Emmy-winning producer and creator of the Law & Order franchise has been in the entertainment industry for decades. His success has made him one of the wealthiest people in Hollywood.

Who Is Dick Wolf?

Dick Wolf is an American television producer, writer, director, and executive. He created some of the most successful crime dramas on television. Dick was born in New York City in 1946 and attended Syracuse University before launching his career as a copywriter at ABC News.

In 1986 he created Crime Story which became a hit show that ran until 1988. This led to him creating Law & Order. The show premiered on NBC in 1990 and ran for 20 seasons until 2010 when it was canceled due to declining ratings. Since then he has gone on to create several other shows including Chicago Fire (2012), Chicago P.D. (2014) , FBI (2018), and FBI: Most Wanted (2023).

How Did Dick Wolf Make His Money?

Wolf earned most of his wealth from producing and writing various TV series over the years such as Law & Order, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD., FBI., etc.. Additionally he also earns money through royalties from DVD sales. Then there are syndication deals with networks like TNT who air reruns of Law & Order episodes regularly.

He also owns several production companies such as Universal Television Studios. That's where many of his shows are produced or co-produced by him. This creates additional revenue streams outside just acting/writing fees associated with each episode or season produced under those banners.

The Future Of Dick Wolf's Wealth

Given how successful many of his projects have been it seems likely that we will continue seeing new content coming out from this prolific producer/writer/director into 2023+. As long as these projects remain popular among viewers, he'll keep producing. And his net worth will continue to climb.

At 74 years old, it is clear that Dick Wolf's legacy will live far beyond himself. This is largely due to his incredibly successful body of work spanning multiple decades across different genres. His work made him one of the most influential figures ever seen within modern day television history.

With an estimated net worth of over $600 million, Dick Wolf is one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in entertainment. Now let's take a closer look at his life and career to understand how he achieved such great success.

Who is Dick Wolf?

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Dick Wolf is an American television producer, writer, and director. He was born in New York City on December 20th, 1946. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in History, he went on to pursue a career in advertising. In 1977 he wrote his first script for the popular show “Hill Street Blues.” The show launched his career as a successful TV writer and producer.

Law & Order Franchise Success

In 1990 Wolf created one of the most iconic police dramas ever seen on television – Law & Order. The show ran for twenty seasons until 2010 and spawned several spin-offs including Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–present) and Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2001–2011). The show pioneered the concept of having each episode end with a moral dilemma or ethical question that viewers must consider before turning off their TVs.

Other Projects

Wolf has also produced other hit shows such as Chicago Fire (2012–present), Chicago P.D. (2014–present), FBI (2018- present), and FBI Most Wanted (2023- present). He has won numerous awards throughout his career including:

  • three Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Drama Series (Law & Order)
  • two Golden Globe Awards for Best Television Series - Drama (Law & Order)
  • two Peabody Awards (Hill Street Blues, Law & Order)
  • four NAACP Image Awards (New York Undercover, The Practice, Third Watch, Chicago PD)
  • and many more accolades over the years

What Does Dick Wolf Do With His Money?

Wolf is known to be generous when it comes to giving back to charity organizations such as The Police Athletic League of New York City. There, he served as chairman from 2002-2010 and now serves as Chairman Emeritus since 2011. His production company Wolf Films Inc., has also donated money towards causes such as education reform, veterans' rights, animal welfare programs, cancer research initiatives etc. Additionally, he has donated millions of dollars towards scholarships at universities across America.

With all these projects under his belt plus new ones coming up such as NBC's upcoming series The Beast Must Die, there is no doubt that Dick Wolf will continue to grow both professionally and financially in 2023 and beyond. His net worth currently stands at $600 million but it looks set to increase even further due to his ongoing success within the entertainment industry.

Dick Wolf is an incredibly successful television producer who has achieved great success over decades. His philanthropic efforts have earned him much respect among peers while making sure that those less fortunate are not forgotten about either. With so many projects lined up for 2023 onwards, there is no doubt that we can expect even greater financial growth from this talented individual in years ahead.

Let's take a look at how Dick Wolf made his money.

How Did Dick Wolf Make His Money?

He has created a number of other successful shows as well, including Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., and FBI. 

Wolf's career began in the 1970s when he wrote scripts for Hill Street Blues and Miami Vice. In 1990, he created Law & Order which quickly became one of the most popular shows on television with its unique blend of crime drama and legal procedure. The show ran until 2010 and spawned four spin-offs: Special Victims Unit (1999), Criminal Intent (2001), Trial by Jury (2005) and Los Angeles (2010).

Even More Spinoffs

In 2012, Wolf launched another hit series called Chicago Fire which follows firefighters working in the Windy City’s fire department. It was followed up by two more spin-offs: Chicago P.D., about police officers working to keep their city safe, and Med, about medical professionals who work at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. All three shows have been highly rated successes since their debuts in 2012/2013 respectively.

In 2018 Wolf created yet another show titled FBI that focuses on agents from New York’s Federal Bureau of Investigation field office as they investigate crimes ranging from terrorism to cybercrime to organized crime syndicates across America. This show also proved to be a hit with viewers thanks to its intense action sequences combined with gripping storylines featuring complex characters that audiences can relate to.

Wolf has also ventured into film production over the years producing films such as The Jackal starring Bruce Willis in 1997, Uptown Girls starring Brittany Murphy in 2003, You Again starring Kristen Bell in 2010, American Reunion starring Jason Biggs in 2012, Vacation starring Ed Helms 2015, and Office Christmas Party with Jennifer Aniston 2016. These projects have all helped add significantly to Dick Wolf's already impressive net worth.

Outside of his entertainment ventures, Wolf is also involved philanthropically through organizations like amfAR – The Foundation for AIDS Research where he serves on the board of trustees. He is also active politically, donating large sums of money towards various Democratic candidates.

Dick Wolf's career as a producer and creator of hit television shows has earned him an impressive net worth, but what does he do with his money?

What Does Dick Wolf Do With His Money?

What does Dick Wolf do with his money? Well it appears that much if not all goes back into creating new content or helping out causes close to his heart. His current slate includes several upcoming projects such as NBC's Law & Order: Hate Crimes, Fox's Deputy, CBS' FBI Most Wanted, ABC's The Baker And The Beauty, Netflix' s Ratched, Amazon Prime Video's Tales From The Loop, Hulu's Nine Perfect Strangers, Apple TV+'s Little Voice. As you can see, there are no signs slowing down anytime soon.

With so many exciting projects lined up, it looks like Dick Wolf will continue to rake in huge profits off these ventures while giving back generously both financially and through mentorship programs aimed at inspiring future generations of filmmakers. With this kind of dedication, we expect Dick Wolf's net worth to increase exponentially over time, making him even wealthier than ever before.


Dick Wolf is known to invest in various projects including real estate and technology companies. He recently invested in a tech startup called Tally which provides automated financial advice to users based on their individual needs. He also owns several properties around the world including homes in New York City and Los Angeles as well as vacation homes throughout Europe.


In addition to investing his money wisely, Dick Wolf is also committed to giving back through philanthropic activities. He founded The Dick Wolf Foundation which focuses on helping children from low-income families access educational opportunities they may not otherwise have access to such as tutoring programs or college scholarships. Additionally, he donates generously to organizations like the United Way and Feeding America among others.

Lifestyle Choices

Despite having an impressive net worth, Dick Wolf chooses not to flaunt it by living an extravagant lifestyle full of luxury cars and designer clothes; instead he prefers a more modest approach focusing on experiences rather than material possessions. For example, he often travels with family members or friends for vacations rather than staying at expensive resorts or taking private jets around the world – something many millionaires do regularly but not him!

The Future of Dick Wolf's Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $600 million as of 2023. With such a large fortune, it's natural to wonder what the future holds for his wealth.

One potential source of income in the years ahead is from new projects he takes on. Wolf recently signed a multi-year deal with Universal Television that will see him create more content for their network. As long as he continues to come up with successful ideas, there’s no reason why his net worth won’t continue to grow through this avenue alone.


Another possibility is that Wolf could invest some of his money into different businesses or stocks and bonds in order to increase his overall wealth even further. Investing can be risky but if done correctly it can pay off handsomely over time - something which Wolf may be interested in exploring given his vast resources at hand.

Wolf also stands to benefit from any potential syndication deals related to Law & Order or other shows he created throughout the years – these would provide him with additional royalties on top of what he already earns from production fees and residuals each year. This could result in significant gains depending on how popular these shows remain down the line, so it’s definitely something worth keeping an eye out for when looking at Dick Wolf's net worth prospects going forward!

Finally, there are always opportunities for endorsement deals or other types of partnerships which could help boost Dick Wolf's bank account even further if they prove successful enough - although this isn't necessarily guaranteed by any means! Still, it’s another factor that could potentially play into how much money he makes moving forward too.

Despite his success, Dick Wolf's net worth is still on the rise and will continue to do so as he continues to make more successful projects.


In conclusion, Dick Wolf's net worth is an impressive testament to his success as a television producer and creator. He has made millions of dollars through his work in the entertainment industry and continues to do so with new projects.

While it may be difficult for most people to reach such heights of wealth, we can all learn from Wolf's example by working hard and taking risks when necessary. We hope this article gave you insight into how Dick Wolf achieved his net worth, what he does with it now, and what the future holds for him financially.

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