It’s every Amazon seller’s dream to dominate a market and make millions. So let's learn how to sell more on Amazon.

The problem, according to 24-year-old Casey Gauss, is sellers making bad decisions. So, like any smart entrepreneur, he set out to find a solution.

A self-taught programmer, Casey dropped out of school at age 21 to pursue app development. Just a few months later, a friend who was selling on Amazon asked him if he would consider using his programming skills to develop software to optimize Amazon product rank and increase sales.

And thus Viral Launch, a service that helps individual sellers rank on the first page of Amazon’s search results, was born.

Today, Viral Launch is the go-to Amazon seller growth platform. The company of 30 helps individuals, brands and enterprises sell the right products to the right customers with product launch plans, listing optimization, product photography and reviews assistance. Casey serves as the company’s CEO.

“I’m personally just passionate about building cool things, helping people, solving problems, and Viral Launch is exactly that,” says Casey.

How Amazon Sellers Use Data to Dominate

The first iteration of Viral Launch simply focused on helping individual sellers rank on the first page of Amazon for product-related keywords. Over time, the company kept track of the successes and failures of those efforts.

Since 2014, the Indianapolis-based tech company has helped thousands of brands dominate on Amazon, tracking some 18 million products from 20,000 product launches.

Recognizing the value of this data, Casey realized he could develop a one-click tool that helps Amazon sellers better understand the competitive landscape of their product niche.

So he studied predictive analytics—a method applied to historical data to give useful insight on where, in his case, product markets were and where they’re headed. Then he developed a tool that provides entrepreneurs and startup companies with competitive analysis and market trend data.

The process was fairly simple: build the tool using sales data from Viral Launch’s customer base, then structure it so sellers could plug in their product plans for validation.

The tool became Market Intelligence, offering Amazon sellers the ability to estimate sales using real sales numbers updated nightly. The tool also stores historical sales and pricing data, as well as the ability to review trends for products.

Leveraging all of this data, Amazon sellers can tabulate highly accurate costs for their business, including upfront costs, monthly profit, and even profit per unit.

How Amazon Sellers Are Validating Market Decisions

Market Intelligence officially launched in April, and it’s already helping Amazon sellers make the right decisions.

“The tool has made our selection process more efficient and much more sophisticated - thus saving my team a lot of time while improving the quality of our work,” says Kuda Biza, an Amazon entrepreneur who built a business after coming to the U.S. from Zimbabwe with just $40 in his pocket. “This allows us to focus on building our Amazon business while avoiding potentially costly product selection mistakes.”

Casey is so confident about Market Intelligence that he did a virtual hangout with Amazon sellers from all over the world to break down how other tools out there don’t paint as clear a picture.

Other tools out there, he says, either provide limited data, or don’t help interpret the data.

“We have a very large perspective of the space,” says Casey. “We’re seeing the problems a small seller is having trying to get a private label business up and running. [We’re] seeing what these big guys are trying to build—these private label empires—and everybody in between. … It’s allowed us to have this big perspective of the space to know what needs to be built to help sellers sell better.”

How Expert Coaching Leads to Success on Amazon

Viral Launch also provides consulting services for Amazon sellers, helping coach them to success. But with all of the successful sellers on Amazon, Casey often hears concerns from clients that Amazon’s oversaturated.

It’s not true, he says.

“Really, it comes down to just putting in the work, putting in the time,” he says. “Again, if you're cutting corners, it comes to bite you. We see so many people that don't want to put in the work and they go source the Vitamin C serum or the grill brush, because everybody else did and then they don't have success.”

One key way Amazon sellers are finding success is through what Casey describes as ancillary products. “If I want to sell a drone, like looking at drones, don't look at selling the drone but think of the accessories that go along with it,” he says.

Ask yourself — what else can I provide as value adds to my product that separate my brand from the rest?

If that question concerns Amazon sellers, it’s likely because they’re spreading themselves too thin. “You definitely should be building a team, whether that's VAs or whatever, to get yourself out of the way so that you can continue to operate at a higher and higher level,” says Casey.

How Existing Amazon Sellers Avoid Wasted Opportunity

It’s inevitable that, at some point, an Amazon seller will hit their maximum sales opportunity for their product.

Some sellers may max out their product sales at five units per day, while others may be able to peak at 1,000 units a day.

Some sellers get stuck spending months at 80% of the estimated maximum sales, working to reach that peak number. It’s frustrating for the seller, but ultimately it results in wasted opportunity.

Spending so much time trying to protect market share on Amazon might seem like putting on a pair of golden handcuffs. But in reality, that effort is setting sellers up for failure.

“The biggest answer is to launch more products,” says Casey. “People forget how they got to where they are. And the way they got to where they are is from launching products through this process they already know how to do.”

Amazon sellers doing $100,000 a month plus in sales know how to launch products on Amazon. “If you have six products, launch six more products, and now, you're at $200,000.”

How to Become a Multi-Millionaire Amazon Seller

The only way to know if a product idea for Amazon will work out is to do the research and test it.

That’s why Viral Launch is offering their services at a discount for fans of Members of the community have already benefited from using Viral Launch in their businesses.

“In my experience, one of the reasons we’ve been able to create so many successful stories with physical products brands is because of one man — Casey Gauss,” says Ryan Daniel Moran, the founder and CEO of “He has created a whole bunch of success stories because of Viral Launch’s strategy for ranking on Amazon and helping to create really successful brands.”

If you’re ready to dominate on Amazon and make millions, your next step is to start working with Viral Launch.

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