Internationally renowned, multi-Michelin starred chef Gordon Ramsay has opened a string of successful restaurants across the globe, from the UK and France to Singapore and the United States.

Gordon has also become a star of the small screen both in the UK and internationally, with shows such as Kitchen Nightmares, Hell’s Kitchen, Hotel Hell, and MasterChef US.

He's arguably the most prominent figure in British and worldwide cuisine.

In this guide, we'll explore all you need to know about Gordon Ramsay's net worth, his most profitable restaurant deals, and endorsement deals.

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Net worth$220 million
Age56 years
Born8 November 1966
Height6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Source of wealthPresenter, Chef, Restaurateur, TV Personality, Cook, Television producer, Actor, Television Director

How much is Gordon Ramsay's net worth?

Gordon Ramsay's net worth is approximately $220 million.

Gordon Ramsay's Early Life and Career: Who is Gordon Ramsay?

Gordon James Ramsay, OBE, was born on 8 November 1966. He is a British celebrity chef, restaurateur, television personality, and writer.

Ramsay is well known for his fiery temper, harsh manner, and frequent use of expletives in his role as a reality television personality. He frequently makes fun of candidates' culinary skills.

His restaurant group, Gordon Ramsay Restaurants, was founded in 1997 and awarded 17 Michelin stars overall. It currently holds seven. 

Ramsay's signature restaurant, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in Chelsea, London, has held three Michelin stars since 2001.

He described his childhood as "hopelessly itinerant," owing to his father's aspirations and failures as an occasionally violent alcoholic. Ramsay described him as a "hard-drinking womanizer."

He aspired to be a footballer and was selected to play under-14 football at the age of 12. But his early footballing career was marred by injuries. Ultimately, he was forced to retire after suffering a serious knee injury. 

Gordon moved out of the family home and into an apartment in Banbu when he was 16 years old. At the age of 19, he developed a keen interest in building his culinary skills. He enrolled at North Oxfordshire Technical College, sponsored by the Rotarians, to study hotel management. 

Oops, I Became a Chef

Ramsay described his decision to enter catering college as "a complete accident."

Well, it turned out not to be an accident after all.

His dedication and natural talent led him to train with the world’s leading chefs, including Albert Roux and Marco Pierre White in London and Guy Savoy and Joël Robuchon in France.

In 1993, Ramsay became head chef of Aubergine in London. Within three years, Aubergine was awarded two Michelin stars.

At the age of 35, Ramsay branched out on his own to set up his first wholly-owned and namesake restaurant, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay.

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay opened in 1998 and quickly received the most prestigious accolade in the culinary world – three Michelin stars. 

Today, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay is London’s longest-running restaurant to hold this award, and Ramsay is one of only four chefs in the UK to maintain three stars. Gordon also holds a Michelin star at his other London restaurant Pétrus in Knightsbridge.

In addition to his stars in the UK, Gordon holds two stars at Le Pressoir d'Argent in Bordeaux and one star at Gordon Ramsay au Trianon in Versailles. 

He married Cayetana (Tana) Elizabeth Hutcheson, a Montessori-trained schoolteacher, in 1996. They have four children, Megan (1998), twins Jack and Holly (2000), and Matilda (2002).

Gordon Ramsay on TV

Ramsay has also become a television star in the United States and worldwide, with four top-rated FOX shows that air in over 200 countries.

These shows include — Hell's Kitchen, Masterchef, Masterchef Jr, 24 Hours to Hell and Back, Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine, Culinary Genius, Gordon Behind Bars, Ultimate Cookery Course, Gordon's Great Escapes, and Gordon Ramsay: Shark Bait are among the critically acclaimed shows.

In 2016, Ramsay established his independent next-generation production company, Studio Ramsay, which creates shows and formats for the United Kingdom, the United States, and digital properties.

How did Gordon Ramsay make his money?

  1. Restaurants
  2. Television Shows
  3. Cookbooks
  4. Goods and services
  5. Brand Extension
  6. Wine Collection
  7. Gordon Ramsay Holdings Limited
  8. Sauce Collection
  9. Restaurant Franchises
  10. Endorsement Deals


What is Gordon Ramsay's net worth?

Gordon Ramsay's net worth is estimated to be $220 million.

How did Gordon Ramsay become famous?

While best known as a celebrity chef now, Ramsay is successful in a variety of other ventures outside of food and television and these ventures have made him famous.

Most notably as a published author, Ramsay has released a number of books, many of which have become bestsellers around the world; including his autobiography, Roasting in Hell's Kitchen.

What endorsement deals has Gordon Ramsay made?

He has endorsed brands like Audi, Royal Doulton, and Tefal. 

How many Michelin stars does Gordon Ramsay have?

He has 17 Michelin stars. Now internationally renowned and holding 7 Michelin stars.

What is Gordon Ramsay's signature dish?

The Beef Wellington would enjoy a firm place in the English culinary scene and make waves abroad (it was reportedly one of Richard Nixon's favorites!) 

But it gained the most popularity when Gordon Ramsay picked it up as his favorite and signature dish.

With 2 x 400g beef filets, olive oil, 500g of mixed wild mushrooms, and many other great ingredients, you are ready to have a tasty Beef Wellington.

What is Gordon Ramsay's expertise in the hospitality industry?

He is well-vetted in the hospitality industry.

The Gordon and Tana Ramsay Foundation partners with Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity.

Together, they help give some of the sickest children the best chance for life and make GOSH an even more extraordinary place.

What cookbooks did Gordon Ramsay publish?

Gordon Ramsay Quick And Delicious

Gordon’s cookbook, Quick and Delicious, takes all his culinary experience from an illustrious career to create 100 recipes that take 30 minutes or less to cook, and all taste amazing. These recipes use ingredients that are readily available but are transformed by Gordon’s expertise into something extraordinary.

Ramsay in 10

Inspired by the hit YouTube series Ramsay in 10, discover 100 amazing new fast, and delicious recipes from Gordon, all designed to be made in around 10 minutes! 

Other Gordon Ramsay books and courses include:

  • Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery course
  • Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate home cooking and more.

What investments has Gordon Ramsay made?

Gordon Ramsay reportedly has about  23 real estate properties, 8 Cars, and 2 Luxury Yachts. His portfolio also includes Cash Reserves of over $11 Million, according to CAC knowledge. 

Ramsay also owns an investment portfolio of 10 stocks valued at $20 Million. He has stocks in Boeing Co., TotalEnergies SE, Honeywell International, and Diageo PLC.

What is Gordon Ramsay's involvement with the Emeril Lagasse Foundation?

Emeril Lagasse once appeared as a guest judge on Gordon Ramsay's MasterChef.


From aspiring to be a footballer to a career-threatening injury that led him to consider the catering industry. Gordon Ramsay's career and life depict dedication and purpose-driven commitment to making an impact in the society.

Progress, they say, is better than perfection. It's no small feat to be considered highly enough as one of the best figures in the cuisine industry. 

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