How many 18-year-olds do you know who’ve built a highly-engaged audience of about 20K followers who are so devoted that they even buzz cut their hair to match his? Maybe a few? 

And how many 18-year-olds do you know who are six months into a successful professional career where they’re crushing it as a vital part of a sales team? Not many.

And how many 18-year-olds do you know who are following the 12 Months to $1 Million plan for building a business that leads to generational wealth? Probably none. Until now.

Aidan Orozco is that guy, though. 

Before he even graduated high school, he bought a course on high-ticket sales. His mom didn’t even know. Aidan figured he’d finish the course, land a job, and make enough money to finish paying for that course before he ever had to tell her. Of course, that made for interesting morning conversations when she’d overhear him practicing and role playing with fellow students from all over the world. “Oh, just playing video games, Ma!” (He reached his goal, by the way.)

But Aidan wasn’t always the Golden Boy. He was bullied in school for being the skinny kid. Some kids never recover from that kind of pain. But Aidan’s wise beyond his years. His faith helped, healed, and inspired him to rise above all that and to build and serve an audience of other boys who want to put on muscle mass and gain greater self-esteem.

That’s the story behind Gainz316, “For serious gym bros who want to build muscle. If that’s not you, then go continue watching Netflix.”

As a member of the team, Aidan has become a voracious learner, working his way through the curriculum inside the Capitalism Incubator and The One Percent. There, he learned how simple the plan is for building a million dollar brand:

Gather (make or borrow) an audience that’s on a journey.

Create products that help them on that journey.

Get to 100 sales per day of a $30 product.


Aidan rolled up his sleeves and broke out his phone. Every time he’s at the gym, his camera’s rolling. Then he goes home and edits (on his phone!) then posts inspirational - and often very funny - videos for his bros. All 15,0000+ of them on TikTok, and 5,000 more on Instagram

Oh. And he built that audience in about a month and a half. So, that’s a thing.

When Aidan buzz cut his hair so he could focus more on push-ups than grooming, he shot the shearing and about a half MILLION people watched. Then he started hearing from followers that they followed suit! 

They’re not just there for the hair, though. Aidan regularly hears from followers who thank him for being there for them. They, too, have been bullied. They, too, have wondered if life would ever get any better for them. And they, too, have turned into human vacuum cleaners, sucking up all the food they can in an effort to bulk up.

Aidan will eventually create a line of products, most likely something tasty and clean that’ll meet these growing boys’ increased need for protein. But for now, he’s focused on building his audience and engaging with them.

His secrets for bulking up his follower count? 

  • The first 2 seconds are everything. Make it super interesting. When Aidan hit 10K followers on TikTok, he did a special video documenting the day he benched more than 20K pounds. (WHAAAAT? OK, not all at once!)
  • Don’t worry about fancy equipment. Aidan was using a pretty aged phone until very recently. He didn’t even have video editing software on his computer - he just edited on his phone.
  • He’s a pretty funny guy and uses his sense of humor to make his videos stand out. He always aims to make super-engaging content, adding in memes, close-ups, and funny clips.
  • He’s using an app called Beacons to bridge the gap between TikTok/Instagram and his email list.

“All gas and no brakes” pretty much sums up how Aidan has gone after his goals. He’s learning to pause for at least half a second to notice (and maybe even celebrate!) his wins. Just as he’s learned to fuel his body to accomplish great goals, he’s also learning how to fuel his mind as he builds his brand. 

YouTube video

“I want people to feel good in their own bodies, because I know when I was a freshman, I didn’t. People kept reminding me that I didn’t. They made sure I knew I was skinny. I hated that feeling of not liking the man in the mirror. I know a lot of people feel the same way. They watch videos from influencers who make it look hard to build muscle - you’ve got to do this, use this specific machine, etc. But you can do this in your own room, just by doing pushups!” 

Aidan loves making content. He says that even once his brand hits a million dollars, even if he’s got people running the operations for him, he still wants to be in charge of content creation. As his audience has grown, so have the DMs. Hundreds of people message him, and he replies to all of them. 

He’s coming to CapCon 6, by the way. “It’s pricey, but I’m going. And I’ll wear a nice suit… actually, I don’t even have a suit. I have Nike shirts and sweatpants. But I’m buying a suit for CapCon,” he said. 

Impressed? We sure are. But remember… you can’t buy this superstar a drink at CapCon. Not for another 3 years. By then? He’ll probably be up on stage telling his story.

Aidan's one of our younger millionaires-in-the-making. He's living proof that you're never too young to build a business that makes the world a better place while also creating generational wealth.

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