Undoubtedly, The Island Boys' viral success has paid off, as they now boast an impressive net worth. The Florida twins' acapella rendition of "Ima island boy" earned millions of views and likes on TikTok when they performed it in front of their outdoor pool.

What is the Net Worth of the Island Boys?

NameIsland Boys
Net Worth:$2 Million
Country:United States
Date of BirthJuly 16, 2001
Real NamesAlex and Franky

Island Boys have a net worth of $2 million. Their income comes from branching out into various brands and Titok such as their clothing line and their YouTube channel, where they have over 28.4K subscribers.

The duo have grown their net worth through their hard work and dedication, as well as their growing fanbase, which continues to expand daily.

Who are the Island Boys?

Have you ever wondered what the real names of the Island Boys are? Franky and Alex Venegas are the 20-year-old twins behind the band Island Boys. However, Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja are their preferred names, though. 

These two  uploaded a freestyle video to their song Island Boys on TikTok on October 12 in a swimming pool. The song became popular after the viral video. On several websites, including YouTube, Twitter, and others, the brothers and the particular TikTok video received much criticism. 

Their poor rapping and peculiar haircut were primarily to blame for the criticisms. The brothers later erased the TikTok but made the song official. 

How did the Island Boys make their fortunes?

The Island Boys leveraged their newfound fame to make a fortune by creating TikTok, YouTube, and Cameo accounts.These three sources of income helped them to earn a lot from their fans.

In 2020, Franky, one of the twin brothers, began his musical career. He formerly went under the name redd 4x and put out a few songs with the names "Real Right," "Smoke," and "9ine." In October 2021, Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd released "I am Island Boy," a new song.

As soon as they posted the song on TikTok, it immediately became viral. The two brothers can be seen performing their brand-new song in a bathtub in the TikTok video. 

The twin boys have gained fame on TikTok since the premiere of their TikTok video. After the viral video, their TikTok fans skyrocketed in number.

Through TikTok and brands, the Island Boys could collaborate with various companies and make money through sponsored posts. With over 25 million views on their Youtube channel, they were also able to monetize their content. 

The Island Boys' success story is a testament to the power of social media and how it can be used to make money and build an empire.


Who are the Island Boys?

These are American 20-year-old twins who became well-known thanks to their TikTok video. Rappers Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja, identical twins, make up the South Florida-based combo. The success of the group's song "I'm an Island Boy" helped them become well-known.

How did the Island Boys become famous?

The Island Boys shared a video of themselves performing a freestyle to their song Island Boys in a Pool on TikTok on October 12, 2021. The song became popular after the viral video. 

On several websites, including YouTube, Twitter, and others, the brothers and the particular TikTok video received much criticism. Their poor rapping and peculiar haircut were primarily to blame for the criticisms. 

The brothers later erased the TikTok but made the song official. The brothers took this measure because, despite all the criticism, the song became a guilty pleasure for particular listeners.

What is the net worth of the Island Boys?

The Island Boys have a combined net worth of $2 million. As we mentioned earlier, they achieved this mainly through their TikTok and YouTube channel.

What are some of the Island Boys' most popular songs?

The Island Boys' most popular songs include their debut single, "I'm an Island Boy." It was released in 2021 and quickly became a hit, climbing the music charts worldwide. The follow-up single "See Me Dead" was also released in 2022 and proved another success for the group.

In addition, they have released two other popular singles, "US" and "Put It All." There are other songs like Ran Up the Bag, among others.

What kind of merchandise do the Island Boys sell?

The Island Boys offer a wide variety of merchandise for their fans. There is something for everyone, from stylish t-shirts to vibrant posters and stickers. 

Not only that, you can find unique gifts inspired by the boys' adventures and home decor items to help make your house feel more like an island paradise. 

Have the Island Boys been accused of any crimes?

Yes. The Island Boys have been accused of various crimes, including burglary, drugs, robbery, and grand theft auto. 

What type of hairstyles do the Island Boys have?

The island boy twins are recognizable for their distinctive hairdo. Both have locks that resemble spikes. While Franky's hair is primarily dark with blond tips, Alex's hair is yellow. Franky's hair has recently been colored blonde as well.

The Island Boys' head-shaving in 2022 marked the end of a memorable hairdo era that we will never forget.

Who are the members of the Island Boys rap group?

The South Florida-based duo comprises identical twin rappers Kodiyakredd (Franky Venegas) and Flyysoulja (Alex Venegas).

What kind of tattoos do the Island Boys have?

Alex has a tattoo of the number 17 on his forehead and lettering on his temple. Franky, on the other hand, is decorated with an eagle. Franky stated in an interview that he began tattooing at 12.

How much do the Island Boys make on Cameo?

The 'Island Boys' personal use videos on Cameo cost between $135 and $180

Where are the Island Boys parents?

The Island Boys hail from Florida's West Palm Beach. Their only parent raised them. When they were just six years old, their father passed away.


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