Ivana Trump was the first wife, the right hand woman of the Trump Empire, and the biggest supporter of Donald Trump till their divorce in 1992. She was a brilliant woman with a savvy sense of enterprise and turned the pains of her separation into entrepreneurial accomplishments which paved her path to success. Ivana died July 14, 2022.

Here is an insight into Ivana Trump’s net worth, life, marriage, and successes.

What is Ivana Trump's net worth? 

Ivana Trump’s endeavors and ventures accrued her an estimated net worth of $100 million.

Who is Ivana Trump? 

Ivana Marie Trump was an entrepreneur, athlete, celebrity, and socialite popularly known for being former United States President Donald Trump’s first wife. She was a Czech national, born on February 20, 1949, in Zlín, Czechoslovakia. Before her fame, she was Ivana Marie Zelníčková, born to the Zelníčková family. Ivana picked up an interest in skiing at a very young age and honed her skills. She later became a member of the junior national ski team. There, Ivana met ski instructor, Alfred Winklmayr, who became her first husband. She also obtained a master’s degree in physical education. 

After her first divorce, Ivana moved to Canada and became a model and ski instructor. She eventually met and married Donal Trump in 1977. Ivana had three children with him and helped establish the Trump Organization until their divorce in 1992. Afterward, she was given a settlement of over $14 million which she insightfully used for her enterprises.

Ivana Trump's fortune over time 

The celebrity’s success in entrepreneurship throughout her life brought fortune from various sources. They include:

Ivana's Net Worth When She Was Married to Donald Trump 

During her marriage to Donald Trump, Ivana was a pivotal member of the Trump enterprise. She handled the managerial and interior design aspects of the Castle Casino Resort and Plaza Hotel. 

Ivana's Net Worth Before She Married Donald Trump 

Ivana Trump was a model, skiing athlete, and instructor in Canada before meeting Donald Trump. Her estimated net worth is unspecified as Ivana was not widely known then.

Ivana's Net Worth After She Split from Donald Trump 

Ivana’s net worth was estimated to be over $20 million from her collective settlements, child support, and estate properties.

Ivana's Wealth from Businesses and Properties 

Ivana Trump owned a $26.5 million Upper East Side estate in the Lenox Hill neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City, and an $18 million oceanfront Mizner-designed Palm Beach estate.

Ivana's Net Worth from Endorsements, Licensing, and Other Sources 

Ivana’s brand, House of Ivana, was put on TV selling channels and accrued an estimated net worth of $50 million in addition to the revenue from her books and magazine pieces. 

Ivana Trump's Net Worth at 60 Years Old 

At age 60, Ivana's company ventures made her an estimated net worth of $50 million which rose to an approximate value of $60 million in 2017.

Ivana's Wealth From Collecting Art and Jewelry 

Ivana Trump’s jewelry collection is a product of her franchise, Ivana, Inc., and the fashion house Ivana Haute Couture. These collectibles comprise gemstones on gold-plated metals, with polished adornments, and replica pearls with her signature “Ivana” imprint. Their collectible status has significantly increased their value, however, ownership of the brand was given to her daughter, Ivanka. 

Ivana's Net Worth Through Writing, Speaking, and Other Works 

She authored four books, produced a magazine, Ivana's Living in Style, and wrote columns in the Globe and Divorce Magazine. These coupled with other parts of her enterprise gain her estimated net worth of over $60 million.

Ivana's Net Worth Through Business Deals and Ventures 

Ivana’s business endeavors with her books and House of Ivana product line increased her net worth to an estimated $60 million value.

Ivana Trump's Estimated Net Worth Today 

Ivana’s success through the course of her life garnered an estimated $100 million net worth.


What is Ivana Trump's net worth? 

The wealthy socialite and enterprise owner had an estimated net worth of $100 million.

What real estate properties does Ivana Trump own? 

Ivana Trump's real estate properties comprise:

  • Upper East Side estate in New York
  • An apartment in the Trump Plaza
  • Villas in St. Tropez, France
  • An $18 million oceanfront Palm Beach estate

Does Ivana Trump own a mansion? 

She owned several fabulous estates such as:

  • Her homestead in St. Tropez, France
  • The lavish $26.5 million Upper East Side residence
  • An opulent condo in South Florida

What is Ivana Trump's autobiography called? 

The media sensation’s autobiography was the book titled Raising Trump in which she recollected the events of her childhood and life with a principal focus on how she raised her children with Donald Trump.

How did Ivana Trump make her fortune? 

The entrepreneur made her wealth from House of Ivana, her fashion, fragrance, and cosmetics brand. She owned 33% of Croatia’s second-largest newspaper, Polo+10, wrote columns for tabloids, and authored several books.

What is Ivana Trump's background? 

Ivana Marie Trump was born in the Czech Republic and became a skiing professional. She moved to Austria after marrying her first husband and to Canada following their divorce. She married Donald Trump in 1977 and managed the Trump Empire for him. After their divorce in 1992, Ivana established herself as a fashion mogul, author, and businesswoman.

How much did Ivana Trump receive in her divorce settlement? 

She received child support of $650,000 per year and $14 million in settlements.

Does Ivana Trump have any business interests? 

Ivana had interests in creating fashion, jewelry, beauty product lines, and writing in columns for newspapers and tabloids. 

How many books has Ivana Trump written? 

Ivana Trump has written four books comprising: 

What awards has Ivana Trump received? 

Ivana Trump posthumously received the Medal of Merit from the Czech Republic’s President, Miloš Zeman, on October 28, 2022.


Ivana Trump's life accomplishments showcase her resilience in opposition and a penchant for investments that yield results. From being the wife of a business tycoon to becoming a magnate after their divorce, Ivana chose to make the best of life-changing experiences and succeeded greatly in the fields of fashion, jewelry, and beauty branding.

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