Entrepreneurs can be pretty ratched. We don’t sleep well enough (though have you tried Kill Switch yet? Zonk!). We don’t eat clean enough. We exercise but don’t get nearly enough fresh air (Get. Outside. Today.). And then we wonder why we get moody, distracted, and all procrastinate-y. 

Jason and Sharona Weiss of Go Candles just schlepped their three kids and whole freaking life from Israel to California to help us all. Thank you, Weisses.

How are they helping? Your nose knows. In fact, that schnozz of yours can help you de-stress, feel calmer, and even focus better for longer. That is, if you give it the right stuff to sniff.

The Science Behind the Sniff

Scent is considered the most powerful of our senses. According to scientific folks, “Scents bypass the thalamus and go straight to the brain's smell center, known as the olfactory bulb. The olfactory bulb is directly connected to the amygdala and hippocampus, which might explain why the smell of something can so immediately trigger a detailed memory or even intense emotion.”

The Weisses soft-launched Go Candles to serve high performers, entrepreneurs, and people working from home who want to be in their best state, stay in their best mood, and get into their most focused groove.

Like most of us, they are their person. They’re well acquainted with the struggles of working from home. Jason’s been in tech for the past 12 years - as a startup adviser, investment banker, and management consultant. He’s worked with literally hundreds of startups to help with fundraising, business dev, raising tens of millions of funds, and organizing big tech events.

How It Started

He knows entrepreneurs. He’s seen their struggles, their excitement, and their challenges. So, when he and Sharona decided to build their own company, choosing the people he’d like to serve was easy. It’s us. 

So, what’s their road to $1 million been like so far? 

For six months, Jason worked with a professional aromatherapist who’s an expert in essential oils to design their candles. They feature a blend of coconut and soy wax, essential oils, and natural fragrance oils. 

After testing about 30 scent combinations, they chose three that both smell great and work to help you feel energetic (Energy), focused (Flow), and relaxed (Chill). They come in a set of three. The Weisses found a manufacturer in the US after speaking with about 40 different candle companies. After running a couple of prototype tests, they made their first batch in October and began documenting their journey on social media.

How big was their list before they launched? Not nearly as big as you might think a list should be to launch! Try 200. Those 200 people are on the VIP list. They got to buy at a discount and will provide feedback to help the next version be even better as well as reviews and testimonials.

“I remember the first day we opened this. I got notifications that I’d sold two candles and I didn’t even know who the people were! Every 7-figure business starts with the first sale,” Jason said.

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Ignition... Launch

So far, they’ve made about 50 sales. Now, they’re focused on reaching out to micro influencers and bloggers in the productivity and WFH spaces. They’re also talking to their manufacturer about placing their next order. It’ll be big enough to help them get into a 3PL fulfillment house. Long-term, they’ve got more product ideas, including an essential oil roll-on and additional scents and vessels. 

They’ll have their real launch in late Q2. Meanwhile, they’re continuing to stack the deck. Their primary audience-building work is on Instagram. As a husband and wife team, they’re sharing insights on the personal side of building a business, info about their products, and work from home tips, too. The plan is to grow the business to sell for a 7-8-figure exit. They’re following the Owner’s Model taught in The One Percent - especially important for founders who are still working regular jobs.

Jason had some solid advice to pass along, and it’s simple: “Just do.”

He says, “The most important thing is just to do and to grow. You learn from that process. I had to stop myself in the label design iteration process because what matters is actually getting the product out. It’s testing your marketing, testing your systems, and taking a sale. We can come up with new versions and labels and logos next time.” In TOP, he’s got an accountability buddy on the same path. Each time Jason’s set a goal, he’s hit it. 

Had to ask… what drives Jason? It boils down to fulfilling his potential as a human, a husband, a father, a friend, and a businessman. “I think we have so much potential as individuals, and most of it is latent. It’s just sitting around because we don’t know what to do with it. Business is an important way to connect to our potential because it’s where we can create. Creation is one of the highest capacities that we have as human beings. Creating can tap into a deep part of your soul and bring it out to the world.” 

Now that’s fire.

Speaking of which, if you want to join the VIP program and get $10 off plus free shipping, go right here.


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