As fun as it might sound to flip that rearview mirror down and give “that” look while saying, “Don’t make me pull this bus over” to 72 rambunctious kids on their fourth round of “100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall”...

That’s today, but Jeremy Warn, a member of The One Percent, has something else in mind for his tomorrow - especially with a girlfriend and a sweet baby boy at home.

If building an audience of 7,000+ in a week isn’t a confidence booster, what is?

And TBT, this wasn’t Jeremy’s first go at ecomm. He and a partner built an online business that did a million in sales… and ended up with nothing to show for it. It took guts to give it another go.

Last time? He and a partner sold car emblems featuring national flags from around the world. Lots and lots of customers… but how many car emblems could they possibly want or need? One? Maybe two? See the problem there?

This time, he’s building a real brand, serving a real person on a journey of transformation. 

Building a Brand by Serving a Specific Person

They’re going from flabby to ab-y, optimizing their health through a whole foods plant-based diet, getting good sleep, effective exercise, and reducing their stress levels. Jeremy’s helping his people become the most optimal human beings on the planet.

This time… Jeremy picked a person. It’s him.

This time… he’s going to offer the exact products his person needs, yea even craves, on their health transformation journey. 

His first product is an incredibly sharp-looking vegan weightlifting belt. Wait. It’s not for lifting vegans… it’s for vegans who lift. Just want to be clear there.

Where’d he get these belts? He messaged hundreds of belt manufacturers with his product idea, then got samples from a lot of them. Some were… fine. One was amazing, the hands-down, slam-dunk winner.

Anyhow, most of all, this time… he’s building an audience.

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Building an Audience

Jeremy followed Lesson 3 in the original version of 6 Figures Per Month In 6 Months to gather a group of 7,000 fitness-minded vegans. The gist:

  • He used Canva to create a simple post that speaks to his person’s beliefs. 
  • He spent $10 per day to boost that post to U.S. and international Facebook users.
  • He spent another $10 per day just to the U.S.

That’s it. Within a week, Jeremy had 7,000 followers. 

It blew his mind (yours, too?). But he wasn’t done there. Then, Jeremy used the NEW 6 Figures Per Month In 6 Months to plan a 60-Day Healthy Vegan Challenge inside his Facebook Group. He’s already moved more than 1,000 of those 7K followers into that group.

This strategy will help him deliver so much freaking value to his people that when he launches his first product, they’ll line up to buy. And since he’s only got 100 in stock, that’s some built-in 

GENU-WINE scarcity… and that, my friends, is how Jeremy’s going to have his first $10K month.

A Mental Shift

I used to think all I needed was the right idea. Give me an idea that has a bigger audience. But going through The One Percent curriculum, Ryan talks about the person, and that really shifted everything. Before, I was just thinking of ideas all the time. I would write down ideas every day, thinking that was going to help me. Cause if you watch Shark Tank, you come away thinking, “Dang, it's always the next idea. I was like, I just got to come up with the idea and then boom, I can market it.”

Just going through Ryan's stuff and his podcast and his courses, it's just completely shifted me to know what a brand really is. It's serving one type of person. Once those people jump on board, other people can, but you have to serve one type of person first to really get the snowball going. That was a huge mindset shift for me.

Your Turn?

We're rooting hard for Jeremy Warn. He's building a business that makes the world a better place for his customers. This is the kind of business that has the potential to change a whole family's financial future.

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