Do you recognize the name John Madden as Coach Madden or that guy from Madden NFL? One title made him rich and famous–the other made him super-rich and famous! 

Long before John Madden became a household name (at least, to anyone who plays football video games), he was a football star in his own right. As a standout player on the offensive and defensive line at California Polytechnic State University, John drafted into the NFL in 1958. However, he suffered a knee injury during his first training camp with the Philadelphia Eagles. So instead of competing as an NFL star player, he began his illustrious coaching career, eventually becoming one of the most beloved NFL coaches and sports commentators in history. 

But, although Madden made plenty of money as a coach and football analyst, that’s not where he earned the bulk of his fortune. Madden’s net worth rose to record levels through his deals with EA Sports to lend his name, voice, and creative touch to the John Madden Football series of video games, later named Madden NFL. While John passed away in 2021 at 85, he lived a full life and left behind a rich legacy. 

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So how much is John Madden worth?

And how much did he make by having his name and image on Madden NFL video games? In this guide, we’ll dive deep into his lucrative career, including coaching, sports broadcasting, and his video game franchise worth billions.  

John Madden Net Worth$200 million
Date of Birth April 10, 1936
Date of Death:December 28, 2021 (age 85)
Birthplace:Austin, MN
Height:6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)
Source of Wealth:Football coach and sports commentator for the National Football League (NFL); Deal with EA Sports to be the face of the Madden NFL game
Best-Known For: Football coach, NFL sports commentator, Madden NFL video game

Who is John Madden?

John Madden was an adored figure in the world of American football, known not only for his incredibly successful coaching career but also for his colorful commentary as a broadcaster. Born in 1936, Madden played football at the collegiate level before a knee injury sidelined him during NFL training camp for the Eagles in 1959.

John transitioned to coaching in the 1960s, starting as an assistant coach at Allan Hancock College in Santa Maria, California. After successful college coaching seasons, including at San Diego State, Madden joined the American Football League’s Oakland Raiders as a linebackers coach in 1967. He soon moved to the head coach position in 1969 and, at the age of 32, became the AFL and NFL’s youngest head coach.

While Madden never had a losing season as a coach, he only took one team to the Super Bowl. He led the Oakland Raiders to victory in 1977’s Super Bowl XI. He also became the youngest coach to achieve 100 career victories during the regular season. To this day, John Madden remains the head coach with the most wins in the history of Raiders’ football. 


Citing occupational burnout and an ulcer, John retired from coaching in 1979. However, Madden fans were delighted to see him back in action as a football analyst the following year. As a commentator, John quickly became a fan favorite for his engaging and enthusiastic style. Madden's love for the game was infectious, and he established himself as a household name for his ability to break down complex plays and connect with viewers on a personal level. His distinctive voice will forever be associated with the game of football. 

In 1988, John’s lasting impact on American football grew to even greater heights when he offered his name, iconic voice, and input to the John Madden Football Series, a football simulation video game later called Madden NFL. Since its inception, the video game has generated over $4 billion and sold more than 130 copies. 

What is John Madden's net worth?

According to various sources, John Madden's net worth was $200 million at the time of his passing in 2021. 

How did John Madden make his money?

1. Career in Football

John Madden had a successful career in football, first as a coach and then as a football analyst and broadcaster. He began his coaching career as an assistant coach with Allan Hancock College in 1960 and later became the head coach at San Diego State University.

In 1967, Madden was named the head coach of the Oakland Raiders, a position he held for ten seasons. During his tenure, the team won seven division titles, made eight playoff appearances, and won Super Bowl XI in 1977. Madden's success as a coach earned him a reputation as one of the greatest coaches in NFL history.

2. Endorsements

In the 1980s, John was one of the first sports figures to earn more than $1 million annually from endorsements. Madden was a spokesperson for various companies and products, including Ace Hardware, Outback Steakhouse, Verizon Wireless, Toyota, and Miller Lite. However, many believe his most entertaining and memorable endorsement deal was with the antifungal cream Tinactin for which he reportedly made $2 million annually. "BOOM, tough actin' Tinactin!" These days, you can find Madden-Tinactin memes (if you feel inspired to share one). 

3. Madden Football Video Game Franchise

Released by EA Sports, the Madden Football video game franchise has been one of the most popular and influential video game series of all time. Madden was involved in the game's design and hoped it would serve as a tool for coaching and teaching. The video game is known for its accuracy, authentic feel, and attention to detail. 

The first game in the series was released in 1988, and since then, the franchise has consistently been one of the best-selling video game series on the market. Now named Madden NFL, the franchise has also been a pioneer in the world of esports, with competitive Madden tournaments attracting huge audiences and prize pools. 

In the mid-2000s, John signed a $150 million deal allowing EA Sports to use his name, voice, and likeness indefinitely. And you’ll still find Madden today on the covers of recently released games. At the time of his passing in 2021, John was making $14 million per year from the video game franchise, more than he made from any of his coaching or sports broadcasting salaries.

4. Television Career

John Madden's television career began in 1979 when he joined CBS Sports as a football analyst. Madden quickly established himself as one of the most entertaining and insightful voices in football broadcasting. He became known for his engaging commentary style and ability to break down complex plays in simple terms. 

In 1994, Madden made a highly publicized move to FOX Sports, where he continued to be a fixture of NFL broadcasts for the next 15 years. He also became a popular guest on talk shows and game shows, making memorable appearances on programs like Late Night with David Letterman, Saturday Night Live, and Jeopardy! 

Throughout his television career, Madden won 16 Emmy awards for his commentary work, and he was widely regarded as one of the most influential and beloved figures in the world of sports broadcasting. Madden was also the first sports broadcaster to earn a $1 million salary. At the peak of his broadcasting career, Madden earned $8 million per year. John retired from broadcasting in 2009.

How much does an NFL commentator make?

Football television commentators are some of the most well-known and highly-paid figures in sports broadcasting. Today, the average salary for an NFL commentator is around $1 million per season, with some top earners making significantly more. 


What is John Madden's net worth?

John Madden’s net worth is estimated to be around $200 million.

How did John Madden become a household name?

John Madden became a household name through his successful career as a football coach, his entertaining and insightful commentary on television broadcasts, and his enduring legacy as the namesake of the Madden NFL video game franchise. John's passion for the game, outsized personality, and ability to connect with fans made him a beloved figure in football and beyond.

What teams has John Madden coached?

Madden started his coaching career in 1960 as an assistant football coach at Allan Hancock College in Santa Maria, California, before being promoted to head coach in 1962. He then joined the San Diego State coaching staff as a defensive assistant coach, spending three years with the team. In 1967, John made the switch from college coaching to the American Football League, when he became the linebackers coach for the Oakland Raiders for one year. He was promoted to the Raiders head coach in 1969 and remained with the team until his retirement in 1979. 

What broadcasting networks has John Madden worked for?

John Madden worked for all four major U.S. broadcasting networks over the course of his career as a sports commentator. He began broadcasting in 1979 as a color commentator for CBS Sports, where he worked for 14 seasons. In 1994, he made a high-profile move to FOX Sports, where he worked until 2002, when he joined ABC's Monday Night Football for three years. After that, he joined NBC Sports and served as the color commentator for Sunday Night Football from 2006 until his 2009 retirement.

What endorsements does John Madden have?

John Madden obtained numerous high-dollar endorsement deals throughout his career. One of his most well-known deals was for Miller Lite beer in the 1980s, where he appeared in commercials alongside former NFL players. He also starred in commercials for Ace Hardware, antifungal cream Tinactin, and Outback Steakhouse. In addition, Madden lent his name and image to the popular Madden NFL video game franchise, one of the most successful and profitable video game franchises of all time.

When was John Madden inducted into the Hall of Fame?

John Madden was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2006. His induction was based on his highly successful coaching career, which included a Super Bowl victory and a winning percentage of .763—one of the highest in NFL history. 

What video game franchise is John Madden associated with?

John Madden contributed his likeness, voice, and creative input for the Madden NFL video game franchise from EA Sports. The franchise began in 1988 with the release of John Madden Football, and it has since become one of the most successful and longest-running sports video game franchises of all time. 

What was John Madden's playing career like?

Madden played college football at California Polytechnic State University, where he was a standout tackle. After graduating in 1959, he signed as an undrafted free agent with the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles, but a knee injury forced him to retire as a player.

What are some of John Madden's philanthropic activities?

Madden co-hosted an annual fundraiser, the John Madden and Steve Mariucci Charity Bocce Event, to raise money for various Bay Area charities. During 22 years of hosting the event, Madden and Mariucci raised over $8 million for charities, including Type-1 diabetes, Special Olympics, youth football, and the Boys and Girls Clubs. 

Today, the John Madden Foundation continues to provide financial and educational support for the youth of Oakland, California, and other East Bay communities. 


John Madden's accomplishments teach us to pursue our passions, embrace change, give back, and remain authentic. So whether you're exploring new income-boosting opportunities or trying to make a difference in your community, Madden's legacy provides guidance and inspiration.

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