When Johnathan Vo of Optimisk makes just 1,000 more sales before people enjoy champagne smooches on New Year’s Eve, he’ll reach 7-figures in 2022. Every single day, he’s getting closer and closer to hitting that milestone.

When 2022 started, he was “an Amazon seller” with one product he and his wife had been kinda pushing uphill for two years. He was in a rut… buy inventory, sell it, buy more, sell more. 

You’d find his listings on the bottom of the first page, which wasn’t awful. They were making about $35K-$40K in sales each month. 

But in the last three months, his listing climbed to the middle, then close to the top of that first page and sales have skyrocketed to $100K per month.

In the words of Elon Musk, let that sink in. Now, what say you wipe the drool off your screen and let’s dig into what happened. 

Into the Owner's Seat

“Why didn’t I do this two years ago?” he asks. The ‘this’ of which he speaks? Joining the Capitalism Incubator.  

When I tell you Johnathan knows the Cap Inc curriculum backwards and forwards, it’s no joke. He’s nailed his learning process: go through a lesson, take notes, go through it again while implementing, then again to check his work before moving on to the next piece.

But there’s one video in particular in the curriculum that he could probably quote word-for-word. He watches it again every day, and says it’s the video that took his trajectory to the tipping point. It’s a video that goes deep on what it means to sit in the Owner’s seat rather than doing all the things himself. 

“This video took me out of the Doer’s chair and put me into the Owner’s chair. I coach for a living, too (he’s an Agile coach). So I know this stuff… but it was hard to do it myself. But I can look to Ryan as my coach and do what he tells me to do. It’s easier than ME telling myself what to do.”

Johnathan says watching that video in June is what finally got him to give himself enough time and grace to really plan out the next couple of months. He began forming relationships with several expert service providers, like TurnKey Product Management and Greg Johnson (email whiz) in the Incubator’s rolodex, then outsourcing to them. 

YouTube video

“The people doing the work are smarter than you! They’re already on the ground doing it. TurnKey has so many different ways of making my listing more optimum for selling than I’ve ever thought of. I went through a whole Amazon training program for a year and thought I knew it. But Amazon changes so frequently… leave it to the experts,” he says. “This gave me time to just sit down and think about how I can do better.”

Johnathan used that mental margin to think about how he could serve his audience better, an audience of new moms. Particularly, new moms who are young - and who may be dealing with some postpartum depression… moms who could really use some help getting their babies to sleep. 

Not only that, but many of these moms are on the go. If you’ve ever lost a wrestling match with a Pack ‘N Play, you can feel their pain. At Johnathan’s price point, it’s possible to have a matching setup at grandma’s house, too - and the crib is portable, so there are easier options for moms to get the help they need. Less-stressed moms = healthier, happier babies.

The payoff - beyond closing in on that two-comma mark? Seeing the testimonials and cute baby pics from his uber-grateful mommas. Aww. 

As Johnathan gets to know his audience more, he’s expanded his product line. Long-term, his goal is to give these babies products that’ll grow with them up to age five. He’s building toward a 10-figure exit in 2025.

So far, he’s self-funded Optimisk. But now he’s looking for partnerships, influencers, and investors to help him scale. (You can reach him at [email protected].)

Whether you’re just starting out or on the cusp of hitting 7-figures, Johnathan’s got sage advice to share with you. It’s this: Just stick with it. Every day is an opportunity to do more. 

After that 10-figure exit? He’ll quit his day job and crack open a nice bottle of wine he and his wife have been saving. In 2025, he’ll turn 54. Plenty of time to start something else up!

Are YOU Next?

We love bragging on our students as they take action and build businesses that make the world a better place. We'll be watching Johnathan's progress and updating you as he goes.

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