Dogs are so weird. (I’d know - I have four.)

They are so stinkin’ cute. Great companions. Excellent at cleaning up anything you might drop on the floor.

But when a dog has allergies… like, they’re freaking allergic to THEMSELVES?

Let’s just say, there’s no sound quite as cringey as incessant scratching. OK, maybe when they also use their tiny widdle teeth to chew on themselves wherever the itch is.

Poor pups. If you know, you know.

Jonas Hlookoff knows. 

He got a puppy about 6 months ago. One with allergies. Health-conscious fella that he is, he checked out the dog supplement and treats offerings on the market. What he found didn’t exactly get his tail wagging. 

Contrary to popular belief, beef and chicken are not dogs’ best friends. Those proteins and other common allergens were all up in the products’ ingredients lists. 

But he found a probiotic that actually worked! YAY

What's In Most Dog Allergy Products?

Then he read the ingredients list… “Animal Digest” - hmmm. What’s that? If you’re squeamish, sorry. It’s a product made from euthanized animals

It gets worse. There could be traces of the chemicals used to euthanize animals left in the product. 

Jonas said, “Not on my watch!” And he set out to make the cleanest, healthiest, hypoallergenic dog supplements out there. His brand is Dog Athletica

He’s going to grow this brand, save dogs’ health and wellbeing left and right, and probably sell for a whackton, like our coach Chad Maghielse and CapCon 5 speaker AJ Patel did with their pet brands.

But Jonas had a whole ‘nuther idea when he joined the Incubator. 

He’d gone pretty far down the path of product development in the men’s grooming space. And TBH, that could have worked… if his heart was in it. But as he did his Vivid Vision, it became obvious to him that what he really wanted to do was help doggos.

He believed his coaches when they stressed how important going all-in on your people is for getting you through the grind. So, he pivoted.

YouTube video

Jonas Hlookoff Goes All-In on Doggos

That got him on the hunt for suppliers. After a few false starts, he found one he loves. They worked on a formula and his first set of samples are on the way. 

What’s his audience-building plan? He says he’ll team up with an influencer and “give him a big ole chunk of my company.” And the launch plan? Amazon all the way, baby. Jonas knows the ins and outs of that sales channel but he’s following the Owner’s Model, which means he’ll be hiring an agency to handle it. 

For now, he’s self-funding this baby. But… as one does when one is in the Incubator… he’ll be learning how to pitch to investors (and influencers and strategic advisors).

Your Turn?

We're rooting hard for Jonas Hlookoff. He's building a brand that'll change lives - human and canine. This brand has the potential to create generational wealth.

We'll follow up with Jonas soon and keep you posted on his progress on the road to $1 million. Until then, on behalf of all our furry friends… thanks, Jonas!

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