Joni Vincent has worked and lived all over the world. She’s a natural at making friends, so it’s no wonder that she’s gathered a sizable collection of them over the years. And it’s no wonder that these friends sat there, fingers hovering over the “buy” button when her High Vibration Coffee site went live.

Where most folks who spend nearly two decades working for Microsoft continue on their W-2 track, Joni got the entrepreneurial itch. It showed in the roles she played there. In the late 90’s she worked on new business units there, introducing the business world to then-unknown concepts of CRM (customer relationship management and ERP (enterprise resource planning). Think startups!

And where most entrepreneurs don’t invest in Brendon Burchard’s private High Performance Mastermind, Joni did. So, hearing that her ‘person’ to serve is the high-vibration entrepreneur makes a lot of sense.

Big thinkers, success coaches, high-frequency conscious corporate leaders - that’s her groove. These are the people who think big in terms of possibilities, but who are also very present in their approach to business. 

Not Your Grandfather's Corporate

Not many of us think of corporate environments digging mindfulness. Super alpha male, hard-charging go, go go? Sure. But these more conscious leaders are out there. And Joni knew how to attract them in ways that don’t feel too woo.

When she parted ways with the high-tech corporate world, she moved to St. Thomas to get into microfranchising. That move came right before two category-5 hurricanes hit within just a few months. It was like living in a war zone, she says. Paradise had basically turned into a war zone. There was no infrastructure. No electricity, no Wifi… for months. This put a damper on her entrepreneurial endeavors but also created an amazing opportunity. Joni shifted her focus toward helping the community, doing everything from helping get animals off of the island safely, to helping local businesses recover. As she learned how to help, the ecommerce business model kept popping up.

Joni built a couple of ecomm stores focused on spreading joy. T-shirts, caps, stuff like that. But it didn’t really do the trick for her. What did catch her attention during that time was specialty coffee. She dove head-first into learning about magic bean juice.

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A Quick Study

That’s when she read 12 Months to $1 Million. All in one sitting. If you can call a bike ride a sitting. The book begins with a warning… if you think this is going to be easy and fun all the time, stop reading now.

At first, Joni wondered if she’d fallen into the trap of being a product-driven business rather than one that serves a very specific customer by helping them on their journey. After all, there are thousands of coffee brands out there.

But she kept coming back to coffee. Not just the go-juice. More like the ritual of it all. In the entrepreneurial and corporate worlds, people start their day with coffee. They take meetings over a cup. They get their best ideas in coffee-fueled brainstorm sessions. Some even use a cuppa to put a full-stop on the day, to unwind and reset. Coffee brings people into the present moment. Relationships are built over coffee.

Her first product decided on, now it was time to start documenting her journey for her audience. Where most social media users put on a happy face and post picture-perfect food porn, Joni had learned to be real. She was raw and open about her struggles in St. Thomas. She never hid the personal life transition that stemmed from the storms. Joni kept it real, but never went negative. 

Turns Out, People Love Coffee

Her audience was transfixed. Joni learned to trust her own instincts - and the big lesson that she actually didn’t need validation and approval from others about what she was doing. At 59 years old, Joni sees now as the absolute best place to be.

Of course, even that healthy perspective doesn’t mean much without action to back it up. Joni set the launch date for High Vibration Coffee, then built and rebuilt her online store multiple times. 

She launched, even though the site was “nowhere near” perfect. She’s building her audience further on the two platforms where they hang out - LinkedIn and Facebook. Smart customers are buying subscriptions now. Because the coffee is shipped the same day it’s roasted, a subscription means they get the absolute freshest joe every month without running out.

Joni says this about the million-dollar business path she’s on now: This plan simplified everything I’ve been trying to do. All you need is one product at $30, selling 25 a day, and you have a viable business. You grow that within 12 months to four products, and you have a million-dollar business. I feel like the penny dropped. It simplified what I’d been trying to figure out this whole time. It feels so achievable.

Way to go, Joni! We’ll be watching your brand grow, raising a hot mug of awesome in your honor.

Your Turn?

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