Know how we’ve all got people we see and talk to regularly, but we don’t actually know their name? It can feel like there’s this invisible line in the sand where if you haven’t gotten their name before then, it’s too late. #awkward

Luke Maiorella can relate. With the help of some popular product research tools, Luke just happened to pick three products that serve the same person. The numbers looked right, and he liked the products he developed. But he was squarely on the path to having… an Amazon business instead of a real brand. Womp womp. Happens every day.

Now he knows that his brand, Lukara, serves eco-conscious families looking to make sustainable choices without disrupting their daily lives. For anyone who’s been brave enough to try bamboo toilet paper (ouch), that second part is really important.

His mission is to touch every area of his customers’ daily life to help them make small choices that add up to make a big difference for the planet. So many of us want to treat the earth as gently as possible but don’t know where to start. Should you buy an electric car? Go with reusable everything? Upend your entire life to make it eco-friendly? It can be overwhelming.

Sometimes, what sounds like a great green alternative is anything but. Take bamboo cups, for example. Sounds great as an alternative to disposable coffee cups, but it turns out they contain melamine resin, suspected of doing damage to kidneys and bladders. Plus, they might also contain formaldehyde (remember dissection day in Biology class?) Oh, and they don’t do so well with hot liquids, anyway. 

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Luke just wants to help. Finding his person was a huge step forward. Now he can serve them even better and find more of them via Facebook and Instagram. Perfect timing, because product #4 is in the works, following his to-go cups, organic diaper liners, and a bamboo steamer.

Luke’s not alone in his business. He and his wife, Tara, have a 50/50 partner who’s made it possible for the trio to launch three products already. Luke’s been working in bike shops for the past 20 years, and is growing the brand for the long term. He joined The One Percent when he realized Lukara has great potential and that he could get the guidance he craves to get to the next stage, from Grind to Growth. Also, Lukara partners with a company called Shopping Gives to donate a portion of all proceeds to nature conservation, which is super cool.

A bit of advice for you from Luke: “The only time you lose is if you quit. You’ve just got to keep going. It’s going to suck sometimes, and that’s okay - it’ll make you appreciate the good times even more. So keep going!”


We'll keep updating you on Luke's progress on the road to $1 million with his brand. It's inspiring to watch someone build a brand that will make the world a better place. Plus, this brand has the potential to create generational wealth, and that's pretty exciting.

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