On this week’s episode of the Freedom Fast Lane podcast, host Ryan Daniel Moran brings on spiritual leader and entrepreneur JP Sears. The two cover a wide variety of topics, including how to make the most out of one’s skills, what it's like to make viral videos, and how to have a sense of humor along the way.

In the podcast, Ryan breaks the news to JP that he is the number one best seller of religious books on Amazon. JP’s new book, How to Be Ultra Spiritual: 12 1/2 Steps to Spiritual Superiority, is wildly popular.

JP went from being a spiritual coach who enjoyed making YouTube videos in his spare time, to amassing over one million views on his videos and becoming a leader in his career.

According to JP, part of the reason he can make his videos go viral is because JP utilizes his comparative advantage. In other words, JP does what he’s best at and he puts all of his energy into related tasks.

The way one finds such success if by finding their passion and utilizing their skills to advance their career in that realm.

People are constantly looking for ways to improve their lives, such as being financially independent and having a successful career. Oftentimes, people settle before they even try.

Whether it's hoping to some day be happy through a typical 9-5 office job or by paralyzing oneself by not knowing one's passion, people erect their own obstacles in life. Part of the reason JP's videos have done so strongly in the viral world is because he addresses these very real professional and personal questions.

As JP says in the podcast, “being willing to search and not find – having that mindset – is exactly what allows us to find.”

Ryan and JP discuss how people wrongfully criticize themselves when they try new endeavors and fail at them. It’s the process of learning through experience that yields the best results.

JP explains that people do not need to feel rejected when they quit doing something they don’t like, and that people must be open to new experiences in order to learn. According to JP, not only does that enable the best version of oneself, but it creates the best entrepreneur as well.

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