Know that “blech” feeling you always get if you drink a protein shake? It’s history. Ancient history, actually.

If you, like Mark Cuda, have endured decades of gut issues, you know shit happens. And even for folks without digestive issues, most protein powder is nearly guaranteed to make you make THAT face.

But as of 2:22 on 4/22/22, that particular problem is SOLVED.

Man Discovers Chocolate

Ancestral Fuel’s Man Discovers Chocolate may be, quite simply, the greatest protein powder in the history of the world.

Why? Because it’s made of the stuff YOU are made of, rather than plant- or dairy-based proteins. Highly digestible, top-notch animal proteins combined in an amazing flavor profile that’s got the power to help you build muscle without causing digestive issues.

We’re not sure what dark magic made these six simple ingredients blend together to create such a functional food that tastes like salted brownie batter. Just put it in your shaker cup, add water, give it a few shakes, and wait 30 seconds (if you can). Take it before your workout, and you’ll find it fuels you without the overly-full feeling, plus it starts healing your workout-torn muscles immediately. And not for nothing, but its high collagen content will do wonders for your gut, esophagus, hair, and nails, too.

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You can see why the Capitalism Fund was all over this brand. Its early-stage investment came right in time for the first run of inventory.

But they weren’t the only ones who wanted in on this brand. Ryan asked Mark who he’d put on his dream list of potential influencers to partner with, and JP Sears was at the top of the list.

That was a gimme 😀 Ryan and JP have been friends for years. It turned out these guys had a lot in common: young kids, similar values, and shared thoughts on nutrition. Voila!

Thing is… Mark and JP decided to delay deploying JP’s influence until he had the product in hand. (Mark will tell his epic getting-product-in-hand tale for a while!) So in the meantime, Mark’s list building strategy has been running ads on Facebook and Instagram.

TBH, we could totally see Mark crushing the strategy of using a 60-day challenge to build his list, just like we teach in 6 Figures Per Month In 6 Months. It’s free to members of The One Percent - maybe joining is the next smart move that makes sense for you, too. You can apply here to find out.

The Launch

So... how'd it go?

Mark Cuda sold nearly $30K in two weeks.

In a totally saturated marketplace…

With a small list…

Click here to watch as he shares his whole launch strategy.

It only took 10 minutes for him to get 55 orders, and many of those customers bought TWO jars rather than just one.

Anyone could do what Mark did to get so many people excited to buy the minute he launched.

We keep seeing people following this exact plan and having 5-figure launches as a result.

And after launch, they’re all doing the same smart things… things that will make reaching a million dollars in sales easy-peasy.

By the time you finish watching this video, you’ll have that plan - and I bet your brain will be saying, “You could do this, too.”


We'll keep you updated on Mark's progress on his road to $1 million. He's off to a great start, and we hope his story inspires you as much as it inspires us.

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