34.1 million!! That's the current number of Markiplier's YouTube channel subscribers. He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. Mark Edward Fischbach (better known as Markiplier) now dominates as one of the richest video content creators in the world.

He is an American internet personality, YouTuber, producer, actor, and co-founder of a clothing brand called Cloak.

This article will show you everything you need to know about Markiplier's net worth, real name, and how he became famous.

How much is Markiplier's net worth today?

Markiplier's net worth is estimated to be $35 million.

It's very easy to think that his net worth is a result of his YouTube video content creation income, yet his monthly estimated YouTube earnings are only around $49.5K - $297K.

He still has other sources of income that helped him build his wealth, and in the course of this article, we'll study them.

Who is Markiplier?

Mark Edward Fischbach, better known by his online alias Markiplier, is an American internet personality, YouTuber, and co-host of the now-defunct Unus Annus channel.

When he's not uploading video content like horror games, comedy sketches, and animations on his multi-award-winning YouTube channel, he created the clothing company Cloak with Jacksepticeye. Together, they are two of the world's top gaming and pop culture creators. 

He is mostly known for acting in horror genres. Markiplier played roles in Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Five Nights at Freddy's, and Slender.

He specializes in indie games of different genres. Shows like Drunk Minecraft and Happy Wheels Highlights and a host of other projects make up his portfolio in the industry.

Early Life

Mark Edward Fischbach was born at the Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, on June 28, 1989, to a German-American father, Cliffton Morris Fischbach, and Sunok, his mother, of native Korean descent.

His parents met when his father was stationed in Korea. After he was born, his family moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he was raised. 

The family had a marital crisis, resulting in his parent's divorce. This affected the lifestyle of Mark and his brother, Jason Thomas Fischbach. They left their private school due to a lack of funds.

Mark grew up in Milford, Ohio, and attended Milford High School with his older brother. He was a member of the school's marching band, where he played trumpet.

He later studied biomedical engineering at the University of Cincinnati after intending to be a videogame designer but dropped out to pursue his YouTube career. 

His father remarried sometime after he separated from his wife, Sunouk. He lived happily with his new wife, Dee. Later on, he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, and in the summer of 2008, his father’s health conditions worsened as a result of the growth of cancer in his body. He died on the morning of July 4, 2008. After his father's death, Mark decided to keep living with Sunok, his mother. 


Markiplier started his YouTube video creation career in 2012. He created his first channel on March 6, 2012, and uploaded his first video on April 4, 2012. He grew his channel to around 2,000 subscribers but then took a break from YouTube.

Mark later dropped out of school to focus fully on his YouTube channel. The channel had issues with AdSense and YouTube partnerships, so he had to build a new channel.

Soon after, Mark began to collaborate with influencers and YouTubers. He collaborated with Daniel Kyre and Ryan Magee of Cyndago and later Matt Watson.

Their combined work consisted of various sketch comedies, famous for often featuring dark themes and disturbing elements, such as Danger in Fiction and The Ned Affair - The Warfstache.

In 2015, Daniel Kyre attempted suicide and was found in critical condition. After being on life support for two days, he died. Not long after Daniels’ death, the rest of the team parted ways. Mark apologized a year later and blamed the lack of true friendship for their separation.

In 2019, Mark collaborated with Ethan to create a channel called Unnus Annus. For their work on Unus Annus, Mark and Ethan won the Best Collaboration award at the 11th Annual Streamy Awards.

Markiplier's YouTube career journey has continued to rise to higher levels of success. He has 34,100,000 subscribers and a stunning 19,335,565,082 video views. Mark is right behind MrBeast, and Jake Paul as 2022's top three highest paid YouTube stars.


How did Markiplier become successful?

Markiplier's success results from diligent and committed efforts in building his YouTube Creator career.

According to a recent YouTube short by RichYouTubers, he makes around $964,000 monthly. There's no doubt that YouTube has made him a successful and impactful personality around the globe. 

What are some of Markiplier's most popular videos?

Markiplier has a great list of videos that went viral. 


YouTube video

This video has about 15 million views on YouTube. Mark teamed up with his cohorts, Bob and Wade, to create an entertaining video game. 

MEOW video

This video has a whopping 365 million views. It proved to be a trigger for the early success of Markiplier on YouTube. He used cheap graphics to give cats his mouth and voice.

YouTube video

Five Nights at Freddy’s

YouTube video

This video is his third-most popular upload ever, with 104,789,909 views to date. Uploaded in 2014, Mark hopped into FNAF, a game that catapulted his popularity. 

Markiplier creates many other popular videos. Click here to see a roundup post of his most popular videos.

What are Markiplier's sponsorships?

Mark uses sponsorships to supplement his income earnings. Epic Games sponsors a section of his YouTube channel. EA sponsored him to promote the Apex Legends Game.

What is Markiplier's Tumblr channel?

Here is Markiplier's Tumblr channel.

What is Markiplier's YouTube channel?

Markiplier's YouTube channel

What is Markiplier's Twitter account?

Markiplier's Twitter profile

What is Markiplier's Instagram account?

Markiplier's Instagram channel 

What is Markiplier's Facebook page?

Markiplier's Facebook page 


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