But first, to clarify… this tax from Matt Tack isn't like the Halloween Tax most parents impose on their kids after taking them trick or treating. It’s also not like the well-known Dad Tax imposed on snack-provisioned kids in the back seat during a road trip.

When Matt’s little kids were even littler, he’d sometimes nab some of their squishy foods as a micro meal. He’s a busy real estate professional and athlete, and he wanted cleaner fuel than any vending machine could ever hope to provide. The pumpkin with red lentils is the best, by the way. You could say Matt became a pouch connoisseur.

He told his trainer, Dustin, about this penchant for pouches, and floated an idea by him. What if we made a brand together - one that produced super-healthy and nootropic-rich pouch foods for people just like us? After making him drop and do 50 burpees, Dustin said that was an interesting idea.


That, friends, is how Nootricious was born. They make micro mealing easy, allowing their customers to optimize their lifestyle with healthy, effective eating on the go.

They’ve got 3 pureed food pouches: a fatty based cortisol pouch, a glycogen serotonin pouch, and a carb replenishment pouch focused on melatonin. They’re also working on a bar, a powder, and a nootropic hard kombucha as well.

While they officially launch 2/28/2023, they’re already taking preorders. We’ve seen this launch plan get founders to their first 5-figure month a few times… Damien Law did it with Effin’ Good Snacks. Mark Cuda did it with Ancient Strength. (We could go on, but you get the idea… you can take presales to fund your inventory buy. It’s what we teach in the Profitable Product Launches course inside The One Percent.)

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A Major Shift

That brings us to a crucial shift Matt experienced - and maybe it will help you get off of the starting blocks and into the race. You do NOT have to have your product in-hand to start taking sales. As Matt says, “You do need an idea of where you’re headed. You need to create the vision. But you don’t need the physical product. People still believe in me. I can sell it!”

How are they building their audience? Well, Dustin’s background is cooking for and training high net worth individuals. He’s working in the medical field right now, and is continuing to grow his network. Matt’s in deep with the entrepreneur crowd, and understands what their daily life is like. They’re both working their crowds and putting people onto their email list. They’re also planning to work with affiliates and influencers in the entrepreneurship, health, and fitness spaces.

Because they've been documenting their journey on social media for more than a year now, people are taking him seriously. “He’s been talking about these pouches. He’s got a website up. Let me just try what he’s selling,” they said when he asked for their help.

Long-term, the duo plans to raise capital to add rocket fuel to the brand. Then they plan on two years of focusing only on DTC sales so they can control the customer experience. Then they’ll get onto Amazon. At the end of year 3, they’ll consider acquiring another brand that’s synergistic with Nootricious, and then aim for a 9-figure exit in year 5.

Some Advice

Had to ask Matt for his best tidbit of advice to pass along to you, and it’s this:

Take action when you have an idea, even if it’s a small step. He quotes Martin Luther King, Jr.: “If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” That level of action, keeping moving in some way, in some capacity, whatever you’ve got to do, just keep moving.

Pretty solid. Matt’s also got a gift for you.

Ryan and Matt hopped on a call that became an episode on the Road to $1 Million. Check it out here.


We'll follow along with Matt's story as it unfolds. We hope it'll inspire and captivate you, as we explore the highs and lows of the entrepreneurial experience.

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