Dan Sullivan holds a special place of reverence for me. Here's why.

Dan joins us in this episode of the Freedom Fast Lane Podcast to discuss a wide array of topics. From politics to history, this episode is chock full of insight and advice that is intended to give an entrepreneur like you, a real success.

For one, Dan forces you to ask yourself what makes you a successful entrepreneur and how do you measure that success. He says that measuring your success on the amount of revenue you generate is the wrong metric to track. Rather, you should measure your success by how much a person enjoys personal freedom in their life. It is up to the entrepreneur's sense of what freedom truly is, and it is up to the individual to achieve such feats through the strategic use of creativity and their energy.

In fact, Dan believes that entrepreneurs set more people free than any other group, government, or social institution in our modern world.

No, it isn't elected officials or the activists on the street corners fighting for equality that sets people free. Someone taking steps to start a business and launch a brand does more benefit to the world. Speaking, he discusses how entrepreneurs are the one class of people that build these reserves of freedom.

One of the most important freedoms that entrepreneurs gain and can give is the freedom to chart out the amount time you commit to projects, personal life, family, etc. However, it is a destructive mindset when you continually levy self-imposed deadlines on your work. It is neither wise nor productive.

Plus, Dan believes that the best measuring the future, in general, as your target rather than dwelling on the past is the way to go. However, seeing how far you've come and how much you've grown throughout your career as an entrepreneur can benefit greatly.

If you're hooked, maybe get your dose of unmatched entrepreneurial advice by listening to this episode!

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