Millie Bobby Brown is a British actress who is widely famous for her role as Eleven in the Netflix sci-fi series Stranger Things. She has her own beauty brand and has also starred in a Netflix original movie recently. The young and popular actress started her career when she was just 12, and instantly, she shot straight to success. 

In fact, in the year 2018, she became the first of her age to be listed in the Top 100 Most Influential People in the world by Time magazine. In this article, we will go through Millie Bobby Brown's net worth, professional life, and how she amassed such a sizable wealth for herself through her different ventures. So, let's get started and find out more about this Stranger Things superstar.

Millie Bobby Brown’s Net Worth$14 million
Salary$5 million+
Born (Date of Birth)19 February 2004 
Age18 years
Place of BirthMarbella, Spain
Sources of wealthActor, producer, entrepreneur, singer
Height5 feet 4 inches(1.63m)

How Much Is Millie Bobby Brown's Net Worth?

Millie Bobby Brown has an estimated net worth of around $14 million as of 2023. 

Who is Millie Bobby Brown?

Millie Bobby Brown is a British actress, producer, and entrepreneur who started her career at the young age of 9 as a guest star in the ABC fantasy drama called Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. After that, she did some more guest appearances on a few series, including ABC’s Modern Family, Grey’s Anatomy, and even a BBC America series called Intruders. 

Although Millie was partially deaf in one ear, she got completely deaf in that ear at a young age. Still, she did not let it get in the way of her becoming the star that she is today. In fact, she even launched her own makeup company called Florence by Mills, which is already a success.

What Are The Sources Of Millie Bobby Brown's Income?

Let’s have a look at Millie Bobby Brown’s different sources of income.

1. Acting Income

The biggest part of Brown’s income comes from her illustrious acting career. She has shown her brilliant acting skills from a very young age and has made a suitable amount of money to show for it. Even though it isn't confirmed just how much she has earned from her acting career alone, if we consider that she was paid $200,000 to $300,000 for one episode of Stranger Things season 3, we can surely say it to be well over a million dollars. 

2. Appearances and Brand Deals

Throughout her career, Millie has done several brand sponsorships for a number of businesses. One of the well-known brands is Converse, which was where she started her collection of sneakers. Also, in 2019, she began working with Pandora Jewelry and Vogue Eyewear to offer her own customized jewelry collection. 

Millie also had the chance to be appointed on World Children's Day, where children unite to fight for their rights and occupy leadership roles in politics, entertainment, and business. Through this, she raised public awareness of issues pertaining to children's rights and issues affecting young people. Some of these issues were -  poverty, violence, bullying, lack of safe spaces for play and learning, and illiteracy. 

Through all of these and many more appearances and brand deals, she has made a considerable amount of money, but unfortunately, there isn't a way to accurately estimate the value.

3. Merchandise Sales

Millie has her own cruelty-free beauty brand called Florence by Mills, and even though it is mostly owned by her family, we can assume she still earns a considerable amount from it. As her percentage of equity is unknown and her income has not been made public, it is hard to estimate her earnings through this company.

4. Endorsements

Throughout her career, Brown has had many great endorsements with giant brands like - Pandora Jewelry, Calvin Klein, Vogue Eyewear, and Converse. Not only that, but she also partnered up with EA Games in 2018 to support the release of the Sims 4 Positivity Challenge. Still, it is unknown how much she earns in a year through endorsements alone, but we estimate it to be more than $500,000.

5. Music

According to her friends, Millie is a great singer, and even though she hasn't made an official release yet, she has sung in the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and has done many covers on YouTube. Through her YouTube alone, we can estimate her yearly earnings through music to be well over $300,000.

6. Product Placements

We can see many product placements in Stranger Things, which include Coke, Lacoste, etc., but it is unknown if she earns through these ventures.

7. Publicity Deals

Millie had done a few publicity deals, one of which is when she appeared in a Samsung commercial with many other influential people to create an ad for their Galaxy smartphones. It is estimated that she made a handsome amount through these collaborations.

8. Social Media Influencer Income

Millie Brown is currently, without a doubt, one of the most popular celebrities on the planet. Thanks to her strong appearance on Stranger Things, she has been a household name in the US. We can clearly see her popularity on social media platforms as well. On Instagram, Millie has over 61.5 million followers, and there is no doubt that she makes good money through various sponsorship deals and brand endorsements.


What is Millie Bobby Brown's Net Worth?

The estimated net worth of Millie Bobby Brown is $14 million as of 2023.

What acting roles has Millie Bobby Brown been in?

Millie Bobby Brown is most famous for her role as Eleven on the Netflix series, Stranger Things. But aside from that, she has had many guest appearances on many television series and multiple influential roles in movies. Some of them include the 2014 movie Godzilla, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and Enola Holmes, in which she had a strong leading role. 

How did Millie Bobby Brown become famous?

After playing her role as Eleven in the Netflix series Stranger Things, Millie’s fame and recognition skyrocketed, and that's how she became the superstar that she is today. In fact, her role as Eleven had her nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. 

What is Millie Bobby Brown's acting debut?

Millie made her acting debut when she was only 9 years old with the role of young Alice on ABC's spin-off of the network's Emmy-nominated series Once Upon a Time which was titled as Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

Does Millie Bobby Brown have any endorsements?

Millie does a lot of endorsements for many popular brands, which include EA Games and even a premium clothing brand like Calvin Klein.

How much does Millie Bobby Brown get paid for her acting roles?

As the money she gets for each of her roles is different, it would not be easy to put a solid number on the amount she gets paid in general. But according to sources, she got paid between $200,000 to $300,000 for each episode of the third season of Stranger Things.

Does Millie Bobby Brown have a spinoff series?

According to various sources, Millie Bobby Brown has signed for a Stranger Things spin-off series which might show more of her character, Eleven’s background.

What awards has Millie Bobby Brown received for her acting?

Millie received her first award in the year 2017 for Best Actor at the MTV Movie and TV Awards. One of her recent awards also includes the Kids' Choice Award for Favorite Movie Actress for her lead role in Enola Holmes.

What other activities does Millie Bobby Brown do besides acting?

Millie has done many endorsements and activities besides acting. Some of them would be when she appeared in the music video for Sigma and Birdy's track Find Me in November 2016. She also appeared in various advertisements which include her feature in Citigroup, which is a provider of investing and financial services. She also debuted as a model for Calvin Klein's "By Appointment" campaign recently which created a lot of buzz throughout the world.


Millie Bobby Brown achieved so much fame at the age of 18, which people can’t even imagine even at 30. The fact that she didn’t stop and kept going even after having a disability of being deaf from one ear shows her sheer talent and hard-working nature. Not just that, she has even made sure to maintain her wealth over these years, and that’s the reason that she is worth millions as of now. 

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