Well, having Mark Sisson (yup, the Ironman, primal guru, and guy who sold Primal Kitchen for $200M) onboard as an audience leader and coaching partner in the 90-day Fit Life Challenge Patrick’s running didn’t hurt!

Know how we often spotlight entrepreneurs who’ve already had their life-changing exit, like after the fact?

We’re getting better about highlighting folks waaaaay earlier on their road to $1 million. Of course, if you’ve ever chatted with Patrick O’Donnell, your money’s on him passing 7-figures in the next 7 minutes.


If you look up momentum or massive action in the dictionary, you’ll find his photo in both places. Fact.

Check out what he’s doing to stack the deck:

  • We’ve talked about using 60-day challenges to grow your audience. Patrick’s been running challenges since 2016! He started by running them for CrossFitters; he used to own a box. But now, he’s running the Fit Life Challenge, serving corporate employees. (Catch this… the companies are paying for their employees to get healthy! Could your brand do something similar?)
  • “GIMME SOMETHING GOOD TO EAT!” Say that like the Hulk, and you’ll sound like everyone who’s ever done a fitness challenge and cried over their lettuce and lemon juice life. Patrick’s Inrive Performance Nutrition Brand of “Fit Life Challenge Compliant” (Paleo, Primal) products that on-the-go youth athletes and their parents LOVE? That solves that.
  • A while back, Patrick created a Performance Journal that sold out. So when the next order of 3,000 units got stuck in port, there was so much pent-up demand that customers practically volunteered to unload the ship themselves!
  • He’s got several episodes of The Live Fit Ignite Change Podcast in the can. Guests so far include Mark Sisson and Joseph McLendon who's been on stage with Tony Robbins.
  • Oh, and he’s helped raise $300K+ for orphans in Ukraine. <3
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Patrick O'Donnell Follows The Owner's Model

Sounds crazy busy. Thing is, Patrick O'Donnell is following the Owner’s Model that we teach inside the Capitalism Incubator. He’s even brought on a stellar lineup to serve his Challenge participants, including Mark Sisson’s coaching team and Inside Tracker (the biometric screening folks).

One of the superstars on his team? His 15-year-old son, who’s a bit of a prodigy in the product development arena. He takes bars to school and athletic events, takes note of the taste-testers’ feedback, and is relentless about making sure every product they put into production tastes excellent.

So, to answer the question about how Patrick presold 2,000 units… 

With all this deck-stackin’ he’s been doing, how could he NOT? 

When his Challenge participants tasted his product samples, they begged for more. Then the organizer of an upcoming health and longevity summit in Puerto Rico placed the order. 

Imagine what'll happen when they launch for real. He’s built and borrowed several audiences, which, when combined at the launch party Patrick’s planning, will buy… everything.


Are you ready to stack the deck and make massive moves towards building your own million-dollar business? Look no further than Patrick O'Donnell for inspiration and guidance.

With his Fit Life Challenge, Patrick has shown that building a successful business is all about momentum, massive action, and creating a product that people love. By focusing on serving his customers, he's built a loyal following and generated pre-sales for his products.

And he's not doing it alone! Patrick has brought on a stellar team, including his own son, to help him develop and deliver the best possible product to his customers. He's also partnered with other industry leaders, like Mark Sisson and Inside Tracker, to provide top-notch coaching and services to his audience.

If you want to follow in Patrick's footsteps and build your own successful business, you need to find the perfect idea that aligns with your passions and strengths. We're here to help! Our mission is to make one million millionaires by 2028, and we want you to be one of them.

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