The Standard American Diet is pretty sad. Americans eat too many calories, too much saturated fat, way too much sugar and sodium - plus not nearly enough of the good stuff that’s whole, fresh, and local. It’s a big problem… a problem calling for a superhero. 

That hero? Paul Nevarez from Elevated State, along with one of the most misunderstood plants of our time… hemp. 

Didja know that hemp plants can capture 2-4x more carbon out of thin air than any other forest or crop plan?

…Or that hemp grows crazy fast? Like from just a few inches to over 10 feet in just four months?

… Or that hemp requires 30% less water to grow than conventional crops like soy and corn? 

… Or that a serving of hemp protein provides about 30% of your recommended daily fiber (yay, pooping!), tons of Omega 3’s and 6’s (yay, brain and immune system), and that there are no known allergies in this hypoallergenic protein source?

We Did Not Know THAT

We didn’t either. But now we do. And thankfully, despite the 1937 Marihuana Tax Act and all the ways the gubment has tried to outlaw the practically-miraculous hemp plant, getting a tasty hemp protein shake is as easy as buying some from Paul. Thanks, Paul!

He first started drinking hemp shakes 6-7 years ago, moved to Colorado in 2015, and started researching locally grown hemp. By 2019, he’d started Elevated State by following the age-old whoops of “build it and they will come.” It took about a year to formulate his first product and to navigate the legal labyrinth of bringing it to market. 

Amazon was a nightmare. They classify hemp like it’s a pharmaceutical. Paul was undeterred. By the time he realized how challenging this path would be, he was too far gone. The product was just too amazing to abandon. Beta testers confirmed what he’d already discovered: This stuff is like magic.

And a little bit of magic is exactly what his “person” needs. His person is a lot like him - a parent who’s running around like a crazy person, taking care of little people. With all they’re juggling, the first thing they drop is their own intake of daily greens. Sammiches, after all, are far more convenient. Paul’s kicked that excuse to the curb. How much effort does it take to throw this stuff in a blender and chug? Not much. 

YouTube video

Fast, Easy, and Tasty - Plus Good for You!

He’s got two flavors: chocolate and vanilla. Currently, he’s selling 0-3 bags a day. Once he hits 12-13 bags a day, he’ll branch out. Maybe a protein bar or trail mix featuring hemp hearts. Eventually, all kinds of personal care products. Paul’s going to have to get creative to get there. You can imagine Google and Facebook’s stance on paid advertising. He may have found a way to make ads work, though, thanks to a collab with his buddy Nick who lives nearby and is on the same path. Nick’s a wizard with Google ads and has some ideas for avoiding being flagged.

Organic traffic will be his go-to. Paul’s writing his little heart out for his blog. He’s also creating content on YouTube and Instagram. You gotta watch him do pull-ups while holding his daughter who happens to be drinking a shake! “Hey honey, mind if I use the kids for props?”

How's it Growing?

Paul’s becoming his own influencer. He’s been a personal trainer for a dozen years. Now he’s using that skill to build an audience. Show them how to get fit, then share his secret weapon: hemp. Fuel your body, save the planet. For real.

We asked Paul, a member of The One Percent, for some advice to pass along to you. Here it is: Be ready to kind of go through the peaks and valleys. You’ll go through phases, thinking your product is bad, then that it's pretty good, and again that it's not very good, and then again that it's not so bad. If you can get past the craziness of the first year, it’ll become clear whether you’re on the right path. Just hold on. Get a product you truly believe in, not just something that you're trying to cash in on. Believe in it, stay in it, and keep going.

Good stuff. Like the chocolate brownie shake, which makes an excellent lunch, btw. [wipes chocolate mustache]

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