This episode is all about unwavering faith that you can accomplish your singular mission.

Hal Elrod survived 2 very serious brushes with death — with a joyful, happy attitude — which gave him singular insight on overcoming and achieving your goals, and to top it off he has bootstrapped a multimillion dollar business.

If his advice on the subject isn’t solid, there is no advice to be had!


So, you think you’ve reached your full potential? 

How about doubling results of your best and incredibly successful sales year, publishing your first book, launching a speaking career, taking on coaching clients, hitting new fitness and recreational goals – oh, and meeting your wife, all in one year?

Believe it or not, it has been done. 

It's a quantum dream, a dream that seems to be outside the realm of possibilities. You're probably wondering…

Is this really achievable?

Do I really have what it takes to outperform my best results, or am I being dumb? Is it really possible for my business to grow astronomically, or is that just silly? Can I really achieve personal, business and relational success simultaneously or is that just a dream sold on the internet? 

Sure it's great to hear of amazing successes, but you always wonder if they’re even real. 

Well, here’s a little story for you…


At the tender age of 20, Hal’s car was hit head-on by a drunken driver. 

The scene was horrific. The accident left Hal dead for 6 mins and when he came to, he was told he would never walk again. 

Not easy. 

For the next few months, Hal fought through the pain and began a radical transformation that gave birth to his life work. He went on to become an award-winning salesman and a coach. He published his book, The Miracle Morning on 12-12-12 with a goal to reach one million people.

Six years later and after much hustle, he finally did it. 

At that stage, he was ready to move on from his work as a salesman. While attending an awards ceremony, he had an epiphany. Although he had achieved dizzying success in sales, he realized he had unfulfilled potential – he had broken company records but he had never really given it his all. He had never consistently shown up for 365 days in a row. 

So, in 2005, he gave himself one more year on the job. And, with a pen in hand, he laid out his mission.

If you’re wondering how you define your life mission, Hal suggests asking yourself “what is the single most important goal of all of your goals?”  

Your mission goes beyond achieving goals. It's about the process. Who you become during the process of putting forth extraordinary effort into achieving that goal far outweighs the value of whether or not you hit each one. 

That year alone, Hal went on to outperform his past success in his career, his writing, speaking, coaching and personal relationship. 

And amazingly, that was just the beginning of his exploits. 


Have you ever written down some goals you secretly concluded were doomed to fail? 

They were too big. You don’t have time to pursue them all. When you did try to pursue them, you barely lasted a few weeks in following through. 

Well, that’s happened to us all. We started out oozing with enthusiasm and a few weeks later, life got in the way.

How do you beat this stage?

According to Hal, there are 2 key steps you need in your arsenal that will help you win with your goals.

These two are the secret sauce to success. 


  • Predetermine your process
  • Commit to that process without being emotionally attached to your day to day results


Easy right? If you stay committed over a period of time, you eventually get to where you want to go. 

Said differently in the book Straight Line Leadership, “if you have a goal, find out what it costs to get that goal and then determine if you’re willing to pay the price.”

You see, by committing to your most meaningful goal, you automatically begin to defy human nature’s desire to follow the path of least resistance. 


Because you’re zeroing in on the goal that has the most significant impact on your life. And what you find is that you achieve the ultimate goal – which isn’t achieving the goal itself. Instead, the ultimate goal is that you become the person you need to be, developing qualities and characteristics beyond where you’ve ever been before and now you are more capable of achieving any goal that you’ve ever set.


It sounds easy, doesn't it?

Figure out your process, commit to it and proceed with passion each day. 

You may have tried this and found yourself sapped of energy, burnt out and exhausted from the daily grind. 

Surely, there’s a better way? 

If you’re still wondering, there really is. 

It's important to not just set goals but to really set goals that energize you. Incorporate your social activities such as rock climbing, working out or playing an instrument into your goals. 

That way, you’re intentionally creating opportunities that will give you personal satisfaction as you crush your goals. 

According to Hal, one thing that is foundational to achieving success is to create what he coins a "foundational schedule." If you're an entrepreneur, you'll likely know how easy it is to bounce around from one distraction to the next. But with a foundational schedule, every hour of your day is scheduled – including downtime.


So, you want to hit new sales goals?

You can.

You want to write every single day?

You can. 

You want to change humanity with your innovative solutions?

You can. 

If Hal can come face to face with death twice, author bestselling books, sell like a pro, coach, speak and achieve personal happiness and fulfillment, there's nothing to stop you either if you set your mind to it.

Will it be easy? No. Will everyone cheer you on? Probably not. Will you always feel happy? Highly unlikely. 

But never shake off your unwavering faith. With it, you’ll be able to accomplish the unthinkable.