Richard Williams is an American tennis coach who trained two of the best female tennis players in the world, his daughters, Venus and Serena Williams. Collectively, they have won 30 grand slams, and many consider Richard as the man behind this glory. 

But is it his profession as a tennis coach that has made him millions of dollars, or something else? Let's find out everything revolving around his net worth and how he made this empire all by himself in this article.

Richard Williams Net Worth$25 Million
Full NameRichard Dove Williams Jr.
Born (Date of Birth)February 14,1942
Place of BirthShreveport, Louisiana, United States
Sources of wealthProfessional Tennis Coach and Author

Who Is Richard Williams?

Richard Williams is a professional tennis coach who got into the limelight after the movie King Richard, which was based on his life and how he coached two of the most successful tennis players in the world. Not just that, he also went on to try his hand at writing, and in 2014, he co-authored a book named Black and White: The Way I See It. 

As of now, Richard is 80 years old, and he is no longer very active in his profession as a tennis coach. However, he still loves photography and keeps practicing it.

What Is His Net Worth?

"One day we'll have millions of dollars to buy whichever house we like," (from the movie King Richard). This was not just another dialogue in a movie but something which Richard Williams had kept telling his daughters since they were five years old. It seems like he just didn't have plans for his daughters, as he himself is a multi-millionaire at this point. According to reports, he makes around $500,000 every year in earnings, and his net worth has been reported to be around $25 million as of 2022. 

The majority of these earnings have come from his tennis coaching and brand endorsements which accelerated further after the movie King Richard. And as we already mentioned, he has also proved himself as a prolific writer with his co-authored book becoming one of the bestsellers in the U.S.

How Did He Make His Money?

Richard Williams was brought up in a poor family, and he had never seen even a hint of a lavish lifestyle. His breakthrough came during the time when he started taking tennis lessons from a coach named "Old Whiskey." But, as he didn't have the means and money to support his practice, he dropped the plan. 

However, Richard saw a ray of hope when he saw the success of a former Romanian player, Virginia Ruzici, on television. He says that it was then that he decided that his youngest two daughters would become the best tennis players in the world.

According to him, he had created an 85-page plan even before his daughters were able to walk. As soon as they turned four, he started training them. It was at this moment when Venus and Serena's tennis careers began taking shape. Later on, both the William sisters participated in many junior tournaments and won almost all their matches.

His Plan Worked

Finally, the hard work of this family paid off when Serena Williams won her first-ever U.S. Open title in 1999, and her sister Venus went on to win at Wimbledon in the year 2000. Since then, Richard Williams got into the limelight as the coach of two of the most successful women's tennis players to ever play. Not just that, he even went on to train many more pro tennis players, earning even more money.

Apart from tennis, Richard also has many brand endorsements, and he even made good money out of the royalties from his book. Richard had spent a major time of his life in the rough colony of Compton, and he had always seen the discrimination between white and black. Eventually, Richard wrote a book titled Black and White: The Way I See It, which went on to become a massive success. 

What Are Some Of His Notable Accomplishments?

Richard Williams is described as a stubborn man who settles for nothing but the best. This can be clearly seen from his coaching days, where he used to train Serena and Venus from morning till dark. After the training sessions, he’d go to work to make a living for his family. His time in the limelight began when his daughters started shining on the tennis court. Everyone knew it was Richard who had played a major role in shaping the career of his daughters.

He even made his elder daughter Venus stop playing juniors for three consecutive years as he wanted to keep a balance in his daughter's personal life as well. This move was even criticized by many as people claimed that Venus might lose her competitive edge However, the critics got a hammering answer when Venus turned pro at just 14 and Serena followed in her footsteps the next year. And this is how Richard became a household name as the man who produced two of the biggest tennis stars in the world. 


What Is Richard Williams' Net Worth? 

As of 2022, the net worth of Richard Williams is estimated to be around $25 million.

How Did Richard Williams Make His Money? 

Richard Williams was earning a very minimal wage during his early days. But all of this changed when he realized that there was a good amount of prize money in tennis. It was after his daughters’ successes that he started making good money through his career as a professional tennis coach. He also made a lot of money through brand endorsements and his co-authored book.

What Is Richard Williams Most Famous For? 

Richard Williams is globally recognized as one of the best professional tennis coaches in the world.

What Is Richard Williams' Background? 

Richard Williams is originally from Louisiana. His parents are Richard Doe Williams and Julia Mae Metcalf. He is of African American descent and is a Christian. Back in his early days, he was not very financially sound and lived on the rough side of town. Williams moved to Michigan after graduating from high school. Later on, he moved to California to advance his daughters’ tennis careers.

What Is Richard Williams' Ethnicity? 

Richard Williams is of African American descent.

What Is Richard Williams' Height? 

Richard Williams is 5’9”(1.8m) tall.

What Is Richard Williams' Weight? 

Richard Williams weighs around 174 lb.

What Is Richard Williams' Eye Color? 

Richard Williams has intense and captivating dark brown eyes. 


Richard Williams has lived a real rags-to-riches life. He came from humble beginnings, saw a path he could follow to change his family’s financial outlook, and then worked hard to make it happen. While his precise path is not one just anyone could follow to find tremendous success, anyone can take inspiration from the way he went all-in on his strategy. 

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