All you under 40’s, listen up! There’s this crazy idea floating around out there that says you’ll be old and decrepit after you turn 40. 

To that, Carey Rouse of Rouse Fit says, “Pffft.”

His company offers virtual personal training, destination biking experiences for groups, meal plans, and now… a full line of CBD products for reducing pain, general wellness, better sleep, and better immunity. This is great stuff for anyone who wants to push themselves - but not hurt.

Carey’s 50, so he knows. He’s on a mission to help athletes optimize their performance on their bikes and in the gym. That means helping with pain management, nutrition, sleep, supplements, and mindset so you never stop pushing.

But it all started when Carey almost ended up pushing up daisies. Dude’s in phenomenal shape - even better than most folks in their 20s, if we’re being honest here. 

Still, six years ago, he went out with some friends and caught a virus that got worse and worse over time. He was on painkillers for the first week and could barely move. One night, the pain got so bad that he took himself to the ER. They did an EKG on him and the doctors swarmed his bedside. “Congestive heart failure,” they said.

The virus caused all kinds of issues, and this was one of them. He was in ICU for days and then a regular hospital bed for a few more. It took him a month to get back to normal. The doctors told Carey that if hadn’t been in such good shape, he probably wouldn't have made it through. This incident reinforced his drive to improve every year in some way. Having just turned 50, he aims to be in even better shape at 60.

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After spending 25 years doing tech implementation and consulting and starting a SAAS company that got smacked by the pandemic, when Carey realized he had a bit of a runway, he took a leap and started Rouse Fit this year. After reading 12 Months to $1 Million, he just knew he’d want to incorporate physical products in his business plan.

He’s taken fast action. Person to serve? Chosen. Website? Done. Regulatory hurdles? Lept. Credit card processing set up? Check. (And that was no easy feat, as any seller of CBD will confirm.) Manufacturer? Got it. Products? Holding the first order in his hands.

Carey’s first physical products are CBD and melatonin gummies for sleep (a magical combination), CBD pain creams with menthol or lidocaine, and a tincture to get the good stuff straight into your bloodstream. He worked with his manufacturer and their scientists to ensure he’s got the strongest CBD products on the market. Most others are diluted, but not this stuff.

“It took me 50 years to figure out that I’m an entrepreneur. Like, that is what I am. I just couldn’t be happier with what I’m doing for work. I love it - and love working for myself,” Carey says. His long-term plan is to build this brand for the next few years and then look for an opportunity to sell it. 

How’s he going to get there? By following his own best advice: Be consistent. Even if it’s a small task, be consistent about doing it. Consistency is what makes the difference.

Stay tuned for future updates on Carey Rouse and his road to $1 million.

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