Todd Herman's Net Worth:
$12 Million

Todd Herman is not any regular entrepreneur and motivational speaker. He is a mentor and coach to athletes and businesspersons. Todd Herman has gained popularity and fame in a brief span. He’s the founder of The 90 Day Year program. At first, Herman’s coaching career and motivational programs may seem nothing out of the ordinary to most of you. But when you dig deeper into his achievements, you’ll see what a genius he is. Here are the details of his career that made Todd Herman net worth of $12 million.

Early Life

Living on Family Farm

Todd Herman grew up in a family farm in Alberta, Canada. He was the third kid in his family and would grow up helping his father around the farm.  Meanwhile, his older brother pursued a degree in agriculture and then came back to run the farm. Herman liked riding horses but despised working on the farm. When he and his family were working on the farm, he felt like a fish out of water.

Todd, from an early age, wanted to explore the world outside the farm and countryside he lived. He was eager to experience different things and wanted to go live in a big city. Herman has always been a hyperactive child.


Herman loved playing sport. He played badminton, which was compulsory in his gym classes back in school. He soon enjoyed badminton and became very good at it.  Later he was a nationally ranked badminton player.

Herman, at 14 years of age, lived with his aunt and uncle. He was all about swimming back then so he assisted his uncle as a lifeguard and earned some money.

He then went to university and became a member of the football team. Herman found that he was very good at football and would build strategies to help to win the games. He helped other players giving them tricks and tips to improve their skills. Back then Herman had no idea that he would build his career based on these coaching and leadership capabilities of his.

Herman soon felt that even though he enjoyed football, it wasn’t going to be his his real deal moving forward. He soon got interested in earning money and starting his own business.

First Business Idea

Herman set up a website in 1995. His idea was to provided farmers and ranchers a platform to sell their used machinery and scrap items. He dreamt big about doing live auctions and selling cattle through his website.

Herman’s idea was innovative, but he didn’t realize that there were many state regulations regarding selling the farm animals. The regulations weren’t flexible back then. Plus the internet just started. Most farmers didn’t have access to or didn’t want to switch from their traditional ways.

Herman couldn’t begin his first startup with But the experience taught him a lot about the state regulations. Herman also learned what he did not know about investing and making capital from a startup.


Early Career

When the startup idea failed, Herman started working at a restaurant as a waiter. He soon began to manage the affairs of the restaurant and became its manager. During that time, Herman met his mentor (whose identity he hasn’t revealed). Herman’s mentor made him realize what he needed to do in his life. He helped him set his focus right.

On following his mentor’s guideline, Herman started his career in hospitality consulting. His main job was to work with different corporations, helping them build their team and grow their business. His first job allowed him to learn about business coaching. Herman found that he learned the strategies quickly and realized how fantastic of a business coach and a mentor he could become.

Performance Coach

todd herman net worth

Todd Herman has been helping sport players build strategies and work through the stress since he was in high school. As a performance coach, Herman has attracted the attention of top athletes throughout the world. He has innovative approaches to help players achieve their maximum potential. Herman makes sure to eliminate any stress, negative thoughts, game distractions, and poor planning in his client’s way.

Todd believes that athletics is the greatest training area for developing players and leaders on and off the field. His unique approaches to developing mental toughness and improve performances to achieve better scores and targets have made him a go-to-coach for Olympic and professional athletes.

Remarkably, Todd has helped players and athletes on every type of field. He isn't a professional player himself but knows the games as good as any professional would, from rugby pitches in South Africa to the football fields of Europe, plus the hockey arenas in North America.

Todd Herman has developed relations with psychologists, athletic trainers, neuroscientists, and human biology experts with time. That’s how he has been able to develop a proven system and effective strategies for maximizing the peak performance of athletes.

Herman has trained many amateurs in addition to professionals. Herman has worked with athletes and professional players in every continent except Antarctica. Herman has said that he would even start coaching in Antarctica if people start playing sports there, and he was not joking.

The Peak Athlete

Todd Herman developed The Peak Athlete program for athletes to help them attain a high-performance level and maintain it. The Peak Athlete program focuses on the consistency of the athletes and players. The program has different levels depending upon whether the player is an amateur or a professional.

Professional Level

Who says that professional players and athletes do not need coaching? If this would have been the case, many professional players or athletes would not have retired earlier from their game. There are times when the experts in their fields are unable to cope with the stress of the game. It’s easier than you think for a professional athlete to get carried away with all the fame, recognition, and pressure.

Herman does not want any of the top players and athletes to lose their focus. He provides effective mental strategies to his clients. He helps his clients to build strong levels of concentration in their minds.

The Peak Athlete program is not only for individual athletes or players. Herman has worked with entire teams. He has even coordinated with his client’s trainers, agents, and family members.

Another good thing about The Peak Athlete program is the maintenance of the client’s privacy. Herman does not believe in disclosing his client's name to gain recognition and prove his credibility regardless of how famous his client is. Privacy and trust are very important to Herman’s services.

Amateur Level

Amateur level athletes face a lot of pressure and stress and do from the very beginning. Factors like bad coaching, politics in sports, and stress of the competition have to lead to many amateurs quitting who had a very good shot in their sport. Herman is always at the rescue of young athletes.

The Peak Athlete program aids the amateurs to help them develop and manage their inner game. Herman says the mental toughness is the key for developing skills and combating the stress for amateurs to reach higher levels. Todd Heman's Peak Athlete program has been helping young athletes and players in building their confidence, playing with better composure, and reaching high-performance levels.

The Champions Challenge

Todd Herman also offers The Champions Challenge-an online programs for athlete's parents and coaches. The program is set up to provide the mental game strategies to everyone, which he uses when working with the professionals.

90-Day Year Program

Research says that humans work most effectively when working on the plans laid over 90 days. Based on this theory, Herman has set up a 90-Day Year program for coaching businesspersons and entrepreneurs. This program came about after thorough research around procrastinators and people with avoidant behavior. The program also involves the phenomena of ‘Sprint Methodology’ the continuous loop of planning and feedback.

90 day year

90-Day Year program is unique. It is very precise. It’s practically focused and really simple and streamlined. You undergo coaching with changes made accordingly to your skills and goals. Participants have to complete the goals over a set of 90 days throughout the year. This program has proved its credibility with the success of hundreds of entrepreneurs and business that changed their game after involving in this program. 90-Day Year program has also won the Stevie Award.

What Does The 90-Day Year Program Teach?

The 90-Day Year program promises four times better results of your business. It teaches the how and why of the building the emotional toughness in the stressful world of the business. The program not only helps you learn time management but energy management as well. When you don’t know how to manage your energy, you’re unable to use it effectively in your business.

What makes most of the businesses fail is the high expectations made at the beginning of it. Businesspersons and entrepreneurs must dream and aim high, but there’s a fine line between dreaming big and making unrealistic expectations. The 90-Day Year program helps you recognize the right expectations you should have depending upon what stage of the business you are at.

One thing great about this program is how it helps you break down your long term goals into short and achievable goals of 90 days. Once you are set on the 90 days set up, the program further teaches you how to breakdown these goals into two week long sprints.

The 90-Day Year program is not an ordinary business coaching programs. Herman provides anything but random motivational and inspirational talks. He gives you the cold hard facts that you need to hear and actionable steps you need to make.

Personal Life and Interests

Todd Herman married the love of his life, Valerie Salerno Herman. Valerie Herman is an entrepreneur and the founder of Super Sexy Data platform that helps to empower the entrepreneurs. Todd and Valerie have three kids, two daughters, and a son. Unlike Todd, his daughters Sophie( aged 5) and Molly (aged 4) love spending time at Todd’s family farm around the animals. Todd’s youngest kid Charles is two years old.

Todd loves root beer a lot and is a huge fan of brownies. He calls himself an ‘adventureholic’ and loves to travel around the world.

Todd Herman Book: The Alter Ego Effecttodd herman alter ego

Herman truly believes and preaches on working on one’s alter ego. People see the world the way they see themselves rather than seeing what it is. This makes them create high expectations from people around them. It becomes difficult at time to accept the harsh realities of the world. Building your alter ego eliminates all of that.

Todd Herman Alter Ego Effect: The power of secret identities to transform your life is a Wallstreet best-selling book. Herman has created the self-help guide for developing ones alter ego with scientific researches, past experiences, and interesting stories. In his book, Herman has added countless stories from athletes, businesspersons, entrepreneurs, entertainers, salespersons, executives, and even historical figures.

In this book, Herman teaches how to build your alter ego and use it to achieve what seems impossible. Using your alter ego properly also blocks the obstacles in your success’s way that comes from within you.

Summary of Todd Herman Net Worth

Todd Herman's net worth of $12 million is top among performance coach for athletes and business persons. From a farm boy to one of the worlds top coaches, Herman’s journey is an inspiration to all. Herman is famous for coaching professional players and Olympic athletes. He’s an expert in sports psychology and so has helped amateurs and professionals athletes around the world to improve their performance and combat the stress of the field. The Peak Athlete Program by Todd Herman is coaching the sportsperson and athletes reach their maximum potential.

Todd Herman is also a genius business coach. With his 90-Day Year Program, he has helped many startups and business grow well. Todd Herman's name may not be common in every household. This is because he hasn't spammed people's inboxes with redundant self-help programs. Instead, he carefully worked on creating proper coaching systems for almost two decades and achieved success over a long period.