Travis Kalanick's net worth is one of the most talked-about topics in tech circles. As co-founder, former CEO, and significant shareholder of Uber, he has undoubtedly made a sizable fortune from his once-small startup.

However, how did he build such a considerable net worth? Did his success come from investments or other sources? This blog post will explore just that by looking at what Travis Kalanick is worth, where his wealth comes from, and some of the critical investments the tech guru has managed over time. 

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What is Travis Kalanick's net worth?

The answer is an impressive $4 billion. Kalanick is an American entrepreneur who has made a name for himself in business. He is best known as the co-founder of Uber and has had success throughout his career, including founding other companies such as Red Swoosh.

In addition to these ventures, he also invested in several other startups, including Postmates and CloudKitchens. Kalanick's success is due to his passion for technology and innovation and his keen understanding of the business world. With such a considerable net worth, he has made an impressive impact on the business world.

Who is Travis Kalanick?

Travis Kalanick is a renowned American business executive best known for co-founding Uber Technologies Inc. and its subsidiaries, including Uber Eats and Red Swoosh. Born in Los Angeles on August 6, 1976, Kalanick attended UCLA before starting as an entrepreneur with the launch of his first company at 19.

Since then, he has been a successful businessman and an influential figure in the tech world. He's kept his family close throughout his career, with his niece Allisyn Snyder significantly contributing to Uber Eats. His parents, Bonnie Horowitz Kalanick and Donald Edward Kalanick, were encouraging influences in his life.

Kalanick was the former CEO of Uber until 2017, when he resigned due to the company's legal issues and increasing public criticism. While no longer at the helm of Uber, Kalanick remains an active entrepreneur in today's tech world. 

He continues to lead investments in various startups and remains a respected figure in the technology industry. 

What are the investments of Travis Kalanick?

Travis Kalanick has made significant investments in a range of companies, such as:


Travis Kalanick, the founder of Uber, was one of the earliest investors in the company. From 2009 to 2019, His investment strategy focused on creating value through network effects and leveraging technology to create a powerful platform for ride-sharing. Kalanick also played a key role in setting the company's vision and forming partnerships with governments, businesses, and individuals to its reach. 

His vision, coupled with his business acumen, helped the company grow to unimaginable heights. And although he's no longer at the helm, Kalanick's legacy lives on in the brand we all know and love.

It's incredible to think that one person's investment can profoundly impact the world around us, but that's precisely what Travis Kalanick did with Uber.


The co-founder of Uber is not just a one-trick pony when it comes to investments. He's also dipped his toes into the world of vacation rentals with his stake in Airbnb. As one of the world's leading online marketplaces for lodging, Airbnb has disrupted the hotel industry by providing travelers with a cheaper and more authentic way to travel.

Airbnb has become a top-rated platform in recent years with its unique concept. And with Kalanick's business acumen, he saw the potential in this industry. We are eager to find out what other treats Kalanick has in store for us.


Another company that Kalanick has invested in is Snapchat. As a part of the early investor group who put money into the platform, he's been an integral part of the success story of Snapchat. Its temporary messaging system and fun filters make it undoubtedly one of the most popular social media platforms.

With the introduction of Snap Inc., Snapchat has become a platform for advertisers to reach their target audience. Kalanick's investment in this innovative platform is another example of his unique business understanding and ability to recognize potential hits.

He has endless growth potential, and we're sure he will continue to benefit from his foresight.


Kalanick also invested in the cloud-based file storage and sharing platform Dropbox. This was another significant move, as hundreds of millions worldwide now use Dropbox. In addition to its popularity with everyday users, it's also used by businesses big and small to store documents, photos, and more.

Kalanick's investment has certainly paid off, as Dropbox is now a billion-dollar business. It's just another example of his uncanny ability to recognize the potential in up-and-coming companies.


It's no secret that Travis Kalanick is a savvy investor. One of his many investments includes a stake in Netflix. It's understandable why Kalanick would want to participate in the action, given that the streaming juggernaut continues to dominate the entertainment sector.

With hit original series like Stranger Things and The Crown and a seemingly endless stream of beloved movies and TV shows, Netflix has become a household name. And with the recent launch of its production studio, the company is poised to continue revolutionizing how we consume entertainment.

Kalanick's investment in Netflix will likely pay off in a big way.


There is so much to admire about Kalanick's investments. One of the most notable is his stake in Pinterest. This social media platform has completely transformed how people search for and share engaging content online.

Now one of the most popular websites in the world, it's no surprise that Kalanick was eager to get on board with this innovative platform. We can only imagine the success that awaits Kalanick with his Pinterest investment.


Kalanick is also no stranger to investing in emerging companies. His stake in Zenefits, a business software company, is an excellent example. By providing businesses with an innovative solution for managing employee benefits, payroll, and more, Zenefits has stood out in a crowded market.

Kalanick's investment in this company is another testament to his keen eye for recognizing potential success stories. We're sure that Zenefits will remain a crucial part of his portfolio.


Lastly, Kalanick has also invested in the online shopping platform Wish. This is an excellent example of his forward-thinking approach to investing, demonstrating his willingness to embrace new technologies and innovative business models.

By investing in Wish, he's showing faith in the potential for this eCommerce platform to achieve success and attract more clients. It will be interesting to watch how this investment turns out. Still, Kalanick made a bold move with it.

Other Investments

Kalanick also invests in real estate, healthcare, and financial technology companies. He's also invested in several venture capital funds focusing on early-stage investments in emerging startups.

These are just some of the investments made by Travis Kalanick. His ability to recognize potential successes has earned him great success in his own right and a fortune.

Kalanick is a savvy investor who has made wise choices when investing in the right companies and platforms.


How much is Travis Kalanick's net worth?

Travis Kalanick's estimated net worth is currently around $4 billion.

What companies does Travis Kalanick own?

Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund, has funded the virtual restaurant business CloudKitchens, where Kalanick is the CEO. Before starting Uber, Kalanick co-founded two software companies. They include the file-sharing business RedSwoosh and the online file-exchange service Scour.

What controversy surrounded Travis Kalanick's departure from Uber?

His departure from the company follows a few months that included numerous controversies, including sexual harassment, macho culture, and the departure of key executives. Following the unexpected passing of his mother in a boating accident, Mr. Kalanick had already announced that he would be taking an indefinite leave of absence.

What software companies has Travis Kalanick been involved with?

Travis Kalanick has been involved with several software companies, including Uber, Red Swoosh, Scour, StumbleUpon, and CloudKitchens. His investments have extended to various tech areas, such as artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous vehicles, and financial technologies. These investments have helped him build a successful career in the tech industry. 

What role did Travis Kalanick play in the development of Uber?

Travis Kalanick played a pivotal role in the development of Uber. He co-founded the company with Garrett Camp in 2009 and was CEO until 2017. His vision for transforming the taxi industry into an on-demand technology platform sparked innovation that changed the face of transportation worldwide. 

He led Uber through rapid growth, quickly expanding to over 600 cities and 80 countries. Under his leadership, Uber revolutionised how people get from place to place by providing an alternative to traditional taxis and public transportation.

What philanthropic activities has Travis Kalanick been involved in?

Travis Kalanick founded a fund called 10100, which supports initiatives focused on economic opportunity, education, health, and homelessness. He has also donated to various charitable causes throughout his career. He has contributed to several charities, including the American Red Cross, World Wildlife Fund, and Girls Who Code.

What business pursuits have Travis Kalanick been involved in since leaving Uber?

Since stepping down as CEO of Uber in 2017, Travis Kalanick has focused his time and energy on investing in various companies, such as Dropbox, Netflix, Pinterest, Zenefits, and Wish. He is also a frequent angel investor and business consultant.

What lawsuits has Travis Kalanick been involved in?

Travis Kalanick has been involved in several high-profile lawsuits, including a dispute between Uber Technologies Inc. and its co-founder Garrett Camp over the ownership of intellectual property related to the company. 

He was also at the center of multiple lawsuits against Uber, including a class action lawsuit by drivers alleging wage theft.

What other investments have Travis Kalanick made outside of tech?

Travis Kalanick has invested in many companies that don't necessarily operate within the technology sector. He is an investor in several real estate ventures and has invested in the hospitality and lifestyle industries.

What advice does Travis Kalanick have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Travis Kalanick advises aspiring entrepreneurs to find their "playground," that is, the place where they can best leverage their skills and experience to create something new. He also encourages entrepreneurs to focus on building long-term value rather than short-term gains and always to be open to learning from others.

He also stresses the value of taking chances and persevering no matter how challenging the road may be.

Finally, Kalanick believes in surrounding oneself with solid teams and staying focused on the goal of success. He believes that by putting everything into what you do, you can reach the heights of success he has been able to achieve.


Having worked tirelessly to build Uber into the success it is today, Travis Kalanick's net worth reflects his hard work and dedication. He is an inspiring figure who embodies the potential that comes with ambition, resilience, and a spirit of entrepreneurship.

With his immense wealth, he has invested in properties and companies that have helped grow his wealth. 

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