Who hasn’t stood in Home Depot, baffled? You pace the aisle, neck bent at an unnatural angle just so you can read the placards touting all the features that will make a piece of lawn equipment your new best friend. How do you choose? There’s nobody to help you… unless you count that guy who was working at a bank last week.

Returning home empty-handed is not an option. Not unless you want a show-down with your neighbor, Ned, who’s been after you about your lawn ever since you moved in. Of course, Ned’s got all the time in the world to lavish on his yard. But you? You’re busy building a million-dollar brand. 

So, whaddya do? Other than resorting to “eeny, meeny, miney, mo,” how do you make a smart lawn equipment buying decision? You go to The Lawn Review, obv.

Tucker Cummings and his partners Tyler and Alex are three guys who have reached a certain point in their lives where they kinda geek out about mowers, trimmers, edgers, and hoses. They’re Average Joes who know just enough about lawn tools to be dangerous. And their audience is growing like a weed, thanks to their ability to review these tools in an engaging way that subscribers find really helpful.

A Beautiful Partnership

First, it was just Tyler and Alex, writing blogs and posting review vids to help people just like them. Alex started talking with Tucker about what they were doing and asking for advice now and then. Tucker, a member of The One Percent, had advice to share because he’s been immersing himself in training. They should document their journey, choose a product, and launch by using presales to fund their inventory. Welcoming Tucker into this Inner Sanctum of the Fellowship of the Lawn was a no-brainer. 

The trio soon realized that while they could fast-track manufacturing a product and getting it out there, maybe they’d be wise to wait a while. Build an audience. Serve said audience, talking to them to find out what they really want. Then, having stacked the deck, their launch would be turbo-charged. “Love on them now, and then maybe they’ll love on us when we’ve got something to sell,” is the idea.

So, that’s what they’re doing. Alex writes blog posts. Tyler shoots and edits product review videos. Tucker uses his digital marketing skills to get it all out there to their growing audience. Who’s in that audience? Millennial dads who might be first-time homeowners. Unlike Ned, they’re not singularly obsessed, but they do want to feel proud when they invite friends over for a cookout.

YouTube video

How’s it Going?

After a few months of publishing a couple of times per week, they had a story that got 6,000 views in one day. Ever since, there hasn’t been a day with fewer than 1,000 visitors. About 4-5 months in, they’d had 100,000 site visitors, 520+ on their email list, and  +1,000 YT subscribers. YouTube? Monetized. Blog? Advertisers showing love, to the tune of nearly $7K per month for the past several months. All this while these guys crush the W-2 life.

How are they doing this? Well, to get tools to review, first they hit up their friends and family. But now, brands sometimes ask if they can send product in and get it reviewed. (They’re warned… these guys aren’t for sale; their reviews are honest!) Plus, making a few thousand a month makes it possible for them to buy or rent equipment - some to test, and some to give away in their audience growth strategy.

Folks, this is TEXTBOOK!

These guys have picked a person they love talking to about a topic they find interesting enough to go at it for years. They took action, built a website (they say it looks like a 5th grader built it), and gritted their teeth through the awkward “first is the worst” pieces of content, and have a blog easily valued at $84K ($7K x 12 months). 

And it all started with $12 for a domain name. As they say, “You’re not going to get better at it by not doing it. And you’re not going to learn everything by reading and watching others do it. You need to actually participate. So, get in it. Even better, do it with friends. It’s going to be way more fun to fail with people who can also pick you up. You can all learn together.”

That’s the spirit, guys! Thanks for the real-life, real-time demonstration of what’s possible with a little elbow grease.

Your Turn?

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