Tyler Ellison has been buying media since 2004. He knows what works. When clients come to him asking him to fix their ads, he’s got good news and bad news.

The bad news is that you might be flushing ad money down the loo could stem for any of 5 reasons…but the good news is that it’s probably not all 5 of them. 

Here are the 5 questions Tyler would ask to help you get your ads to act right:

#1 Are you reaching the right people? 

You've got to have that starving crowd of people who really want what you offer. You’ll find them where they naturally hang out… not necessarily where you wish they’d hang out. If you’re not clear about who your person is - or where to connect with them, do yourself a favor and don’t run ads until you get that clarity.

#2 Does your ad creative grab their attention?

If your ad copy and creative doesn’t stop them in their scroll and compel them to engage, it’s not working. Anyone can put up an ad that says BUY MY STUFF but effective ads add to the emotional bond people feel with your brand.

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#3 Your landing page… does it jar or gel?

They see your ad. They click your ad. Then they reach your landing page. What happens next? Do they see what they’d expect to see because the ad and page are congruent? Or do they wonder if somehow they ended up in the wrong place? If they bounce, you both lose.

#4 Have you made your offer truly irresistible?

If you haven’t read Alex Hormozi’s $100 Million Offers, today’s the day you should! To make an offer they can’t refuse, you consider every obstacle standing in their way and remove it. Maybe that means adding a bonus feature that eliminates that hurdle.

#5 What happens after they buy?

Your campaign doesn’t stop there! Let’s talk about this one for a sec.

It’s a Saturday morning. You just discovered your kitchen sink sprung a leak. So you head out to your favorite home improvement store. 

You have no idea how to fix this leak; you just know you’ve got a problem. You track down an employee in the plumbing section and tell them what’s going on. They nod and tell you they’ve got just the thing you need - a faucet repair kit. 

Off you go. But you soon realize you also needed an Allen wrench, the right kind of screwdriver, and a set of pliers. Now you’ve got to make a second trip. Your whole Saturday is now shot.

If the shop employee had only asked a few questions, you would have gotten everything you needed. You would have felt cared for and served. You’d be telling everyone about your great experience.

The Moral of the Story

You OWE it to your customers to offer any cross-sells and upsells that serve your people. You serve them best by building enough profit into the back end that you can afford to advertise. And, you both win when you create an experience that enriches your customers.

Here’s how Tyler puts it: If you let people buy less than they should, you are doing a disservice to the customer. You are putting them at risk because they will go and buy from somebody else who will not service them as well as you would or care about their success as much as you would. It's a service to the client to offer them the maximum value you have to offer. It's not price gouging or ripping people off to offer them more value. You're doing them a service by providing all they need to be successful.

If you mistook Tyler for a magician behind a velvet curtain, you’d be forgiven. But what else would you expect from a guy who’s helped his clients create more than $400 million over the years? This is what gets him juiced up and excited to work every day.

Be sure to watch for his new book, Cash Cow Advertising, due out this year. Tyler has some room for new clients, a fact that’s sent some of you mad-dashing to the contact form on his site.

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