Usher’s net worth is a matter of public discussion because of his fame and stature in society. Usher is one of the world's most successful and popular R&B singers. 

He has won numerous awards and sold millions of records, making him one of the wealthiest singers in the industry. 

He’s also made a name for himself as a shrewd entrepreneur and philanthropist. 

In this article, we will explore Usher's net worth and how he became one of R&B's wealthiest singers.

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What is Usher's net worth?

Usher’s net worth is estimated to be $180 million.

Usher's Net Worth$180 million
Full NameUsher Raymond IV
Gender Male 
Date of BirthOctober 14, 1978
Place of BirthDallas, Texas, U.S.
Height 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Nationality American 
Profession Singer-songwriter (Genres: R’n’B & Pop) 
Sources of Wealth Singer, songwriter, dancer, actor, producer, entrepreneur 
Years active 1993–present

Who is Usher?

Usher (born October 14, 1978) is an American R&B singer, songwriter, dancer, entrepreneur, producer, and actor with an estimated net worth of $180 million. He has won numerous awards and sold millions of records, making him one of the wealthiest singers in the industry. His many albums and songs have positioned him as one of the best R&B singers in the 21st century.

Early Life 

Usher Raymond IV was born on October 14, 1978, in Dallas, Texas, to Jonetta Patton and Usher Raymond III. 

He was raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee, with his younger half-brother James Lackey (born in 1984) until the family moved to Atlanta, Georgia.

His mother put him in Chattanooga's local church youth choir when he was 9. At age 12, he participated in singing competitions where he caught the attention of a music A&R from LaFace Records.

While in Atlanta, Usher attended North Springs Charter High School.

Music Career 

Usher’s music career has been stellar and successful, to say the least. Several of his singles and albums debuted at #1 on the US Billboard 200 chart. 

He started his music career at age 10 with an R&B local quintet called the NuBeginnings. He recorded 10 songs with the group in 1991, and the album, Nubeginning Featuring Usher Raymond IV, which was unsuccessful.  

At age 13, following his performance on Star Search, a rep from LaFace Records arranged an audition for Usher. The record signed Usher on the spot after his audition with Boyz II Men's "End of the Road." 

In August 1994, Usher released his self-titled debut album, Usher, at 16. It did well and peaked at No. 25 on the Billboard charts Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and No.167 on the Billboard 200.

Usher released his second album, My Way, shortly after graduating high school (September 1997), which debuted at No.15 on Billboard 200. It included hits like “You Make Me Wanna” and “Nice & Slow.”

Starting to Take Off

In August 2001, Usher dropped his third album, 8701, with leading singles like "U Remind Me" and "U Got It Back," topping the Billboard Hot 100. After this album, Usher was awarded a Grammy for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance for "U Remind Me." He won the same award the next year for "U Don't Have to Call."

Usher’s fourth album, Confessions, came out in March 2004 and sold 1.1 million units at its debut, making it the highest first-week numbers ever recorded by a male R&B Artist. The album’s first single, "Yeah!" dominated at No.1 for six weeks straight. Confessions earned usher many accolades and awards, including 3 Grammy awards.

Usher released more albums, each getting moderate-to-high success, but none quite topped his early four. The albums are:

  • Here I Stand (2008)
  • Raymond v. Raymond (2010)
  • Looking 4 Myself (2012)
  • UR (2014)
  • Hard II Love (2016)
  • A (2019)
  • Daddy’s Home (2018)
  • A with Zaytoven (2018) [Collaborative album]

Five of Usher’s albums have been certified platinum by the RIAA (My Way, 8701, Confessions, Here I Stand, and Daddy’s Home).  

Acting Career 

Usher debuted his TV acting on the American sitcom Moesha (1997). He acted in feature films like The Faculty (1998), She’s All That (1999), Light It Up (1999), Gepetto (2000), and Texas Rangers (2000). He starred in Twilight Zone (2002) revival episode, American Dreams (2002), Sabrina the Teenage Witch in Season 2, episode 6, and The Mix (2005). He has also acted on stage, debuting on Broadway (2006) in Chicago and Fuerzabruta (2012). Some of his other movies over the years include:

  • Hands of Stone (2016)
  • Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping (2016)
  • People You May Know (2017)
  • Welcome to My Life (2017)
  • Drop the Mic (2017)
  • Burden (2018)
  • Last of the Showmen (2018)
  • Incredibles 2 (2018)
  • Hustlers (2019)
  • Justin Bieber: Seasons (2020)

How did Usher make his money?

Usher made his money primarily through his music career and added endorsement deals, acting, concert tours, and investments.


Usher’s primary source of wealth is his music. He is a singer and songwriter and has released several singles that earned him millions. Some of his highest-earning songs are:

  • U Got It Bad (2001)
  • Yeah! (2004)
  • Same Girl (2007)
  • Caught Up (Music Video, 2009)

Usher has sold more than 75 million records globally throughout his career, making him one of the best-selling artists of all time.


Usher’s successful music career can be attributed to his successful albums. He has released several successful albums, including:

  • Usher (1994)
  • My Way (1997)
  • 8701 (2001)
  • Confessions (2004)
  • Here I Stand (2008)
  • Raymond v. Raymond (2010)
  • Looking 4 Myself (2012)
  • UR (2014)
  • Hard II Love (2016)
  • A (2019)
  • Daddy’s Home (2018)
  • A with Zaytoven (2018) [Collaborative album]

He has sold millions of copies worldwide, earning him millions. His album Confessions achieved Diamond status, which means more than 10 million copies sold. In addition to album sales, Usher has earned millions through streaming, downloads, and music publishing royalties.


In addition to his music career, Usher has dabbled in acting. He has appeared in several movies and television shows, including The Faculty, Moesha, The Bold and the Beautiful, and others like:

  • Hands of Stone (2016)
  • Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping (2016)
  • People You May Know (2017)
  • Welcome to My Life (2017)
  • Drop the Mic (2017)
  • Burden (2018)
  • Last of the Showmen (2018)
  • Incredibles 2 (2018)
  • Hustlers (2019)


Usher has also made money through endorsement deals with various brands. He has worked with companies like Pepsi (2015), Samsung (2013), and Mastercard (2004, 2015) to promote their products and services. His other endorsement deals include the following:

  • Belvedere Vodka, launching the campaign Product (Red)
  • Microsoft Dance Central 3 (2012)

Concert tours and residencies

Usher has toured extensively throughout his career, performing in front of thousands of fans all over the world. He has also had successful residencies in Las Vegas and other cities, where he performs a regular show for an extended period of time. Some of his famous Concert tours and residences are:

  • Evolution 8701 Tour (2002)
  • Truth Tour (2004)
  • One Night Stand Tour (2008)
  • OMG Tour (2010–2011)
  • The UR Experience Tour (2014–2015)
  • RNB Fridays Live (2018)
  • Usher: The Las Vegas Residency - The Colosseum at Caesars Palace
  • My Way: The Vegas Residency - Park MGM (2022)
  • Share My World Tour (1997–1998)
  • The Velvet Rope Tour (1998–1999)
  • No Way Out Tour (1998)

Music records 

Usher has also made money as the owner of his own record label, US Records, which he founded in 2002. Through this label, he has released music from himself and other artists, earning a percentage of the profits from each sale. In addition, the Raymond Braun Media Group, RBMG Records, founded in 2008, which Justin Bieber signed up to, is a joint venture between Usher and Bieber's manager Scooter Braun.

TV appearances 

Usher served as the contestant mentor for the Top 10 Week of the TV show American Idol Season 9. He appeared on the ITV1 show Britain's Got Talent in June 2010. 

Usher also joined as a new coach on the NBC American reality talent show The Voice, alongside Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Shakira in season 4, between March 2013 and May 2014.


Usher has also invested his money in various businesses and ventures. 

  • He has invested in startups like the ride-hailing service Lyft and the investment app Robinhood. 
  • Usher is currently a part owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers professional basketball team, as part of a group that bought the team for about $375 million in 2005.  
  • In March 2017, Usher and others invested about $6 million in Mass Appeal Magazine, a New York City-based media, and content company.  
  • In April 2019, Usher, Jay-Z, and others invested about $8 million in a catering startup - Hungry.
  • In July 2019, Usher, Kevin Hart, Justin Bieber, and others collectively invested about $5 million in Liquid I.V., a health-science and nutrition wellness company based out of El Segundo, Ca. 

Combined, these investments have paid off handsomely for Usher, increasing his net worth significantly.

Products and services

Usher has also made money through various products and services. He released his own line of fragrances (Usher He and Usher She) in 2007. In September 2008, Usher released the fragrances UR (UR for Men and UR for Women), and in 2009, he released his fifth fragrance, VIP.

Usher has partnered with a sock company to release his own line of socks.  

In March 2015, it was announced that Usher is a co-owner of the music streaming service Tidal with various other music artists. 

In June 2015, Usher partnered with Yoobi, the fast-growing school supplies company based out of L.A. The company donates products to schools and brings over $20 million in revenue between 2014 and 2015. 


How much is Usher's net worth?

Usher's net worth is estimated at $180 million.

What album was Usher's debut?

Usher's debut album was titled Usher, which was released in 1994.

What is Usher's debut song?

Usher's debut single was titled "Call Me a Mack," which was released in 1993.

How many albums has Usher released?

Usher has released 8 studio albums, including Usher, My Way, 8701, Confessions, Here I Stand, Raymond v. Raymond, Looking 4 Myself, and Hard II Love.

What awards has Usher won?

Usher has won numerous awards, including 8 Grammy Awards, 18 Billboard Music Awards, 9 Soul Train Music Awards, and 8 American Music Awards.

What endorsements does Usher have?

Usher has endorsed brands such as Coca-Cola, Samsung, and MasterCard.

What acting projects has Usher been in?

Usher has appeared in many films, including She's All That, The Faculty, In the Mix, and Hands of Stone.

What music industry titan has Usher worked with?

Usher has worked with several music industry titans, including Jermaine Dupri, Lil Jon, and Pharrell Williams. He’s also worked with Mariah Carey, R. Kelly, and Justin Bieber.

What acting career has Usher had?

In addition to his music career, Usher has appeared in several films and television shows, including The Faculty, In the Mix, and The Voice.

What are some of Usher's accomplishments?

Usher has achieved numerous accomplishments throughout his career. His list of accomplishments is long and successful. Some notable ones include:

  • 1 Diamond certified album in Confessions (2004)
  • 2 multi-platinum albums in My Way and 8701
  • 2 platinum albums in Here I Stand and Raymond v. Raymond 
  • Sold over 23 million albums in the US and 43 million albums worldwide
  • Sold over 100 million records
  • 8 Grammy Awards
  • 18 Billboard Music Awards
  • 9 Soul Train Music Awards 
  • 8 American Music Awards.
  • Top Billboard honoree (2008) by taking 11 awards 
  • Golden Note Award (2013)
  • Billboard's 2nd most successful artist of the 2000s
  • 6th on the Top 50 R&B/Hip-Hop Artists of the Past 25 Years


Usher's net worth of $180 million is a testament to his incredible talent and hard work throughout his career. From his successful music career to his acting, producing, and entrepreneurship ventures, Usher has proven himself to be a multi-talented artist and savvy businessman. With his accomplishments in both the entertainment industry and philanthropy, Usher's legacy is sure to inspire future generations of artists and entrepreneurs alike.

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