How can investors be cautious in a volatile market while still working to build wealth creatively?

Jonathan Twombly, the host of the Capital Gains podcast, shares what he's learned from guests about alternative investments and building wealth on this week's episode of Freedom Fast Lane. One of the most successful ways to resist a market downturn is to be creative in you investments so you can guarantee a return on investment.

For one, Jonathan believes that you need to invest in real estate to see major, elastic resistance to investments in the long term. Too commonly, people who have the money to spend on investments don't have the inclination nor the interest to invest their money. However, people who use their money and wisely invest into syndications, or other types of junctures of an industry.

Nonetheless, you have to take your investments and make your money produce value. For example, having multiple stakeholders in a deal could serve as an excellent state of time to produce value for people. Jonathan does this every day with his company, Two Bridges Asset Management, and tells us how he does this. Ultimately, what creates value is having the ability to bring people together and give them money making opportunities.

Real estate should be your go to when wanting to build up your portfolio with assets.

Jonathan also believes that real estate shouldn't be your only interest when prospecting investments. You have to consider a variety of factors, like when to and not to drop your funds on specific types of investments, given the state of the market. And, to Jonathan, some downturn-proof examples of investment include dropping money on precious metals and flipping websites.

Nonetheless, Jonathan has filled this episode, so much that it's overflowing, with great tips to get your best return on your next investments.

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