IT’S OFFICIAL: The famous real estate entrepreneur and investor, David Osborn, will be speaking at The Capitalism Conference this January in Dallas, TX.

Davis is a celebrated investor, and he is famous for owning the largest Keller Williams real estate franchise in the world. As a result, David is not only successful himself, he has also created success for others.

With a net worth in the nine figures, David speaks to entrepreneurs about cash flow and mindset. David had mentors along his journey, and he now mentors others on podcasts and videos, and now on the stage.

On a personal note, I (Ryan) have found David to be giving, present, self aware, and humble, despite being well-known and admired by thousands. At The Capitalism Conference, David will be sharing the cash flow strategies that entrepreneurs should be using, as well as the mindset that it takes to get to $100 million net worth.

Most importantly, David has decades of experience working with investors and business owners, and he has seen the challenges that hold them back. David can (and will) speak to the mindset shifts that must take place in order to get to 8-or-9 figures in wealth.

This talk alone will be worth the trip to Texas, and your time with David may add more cash flow to your bottom line than anything else that you do in the next year.

As a preview, you can hear David speak to the mindset for success in this video:

YouTube video

At the Capitalism Conference this January, David will outline the cash flow tactics that made him rich, the mindset shifts that entrepreneurs must make, and the strategies that took him to a nine figure net worth. As a result, you will leave with higher targets, the right mindset to hit them, and new connections in your rolodex that make it easier for you to get there.

David joins an already stellar lineup that features Joel Marion from BioTrust, Michael Dubin from Dollar Shave Club, AJ Vaynerchuk, and others. David's perspective on cash flow and wealth makes this lineup a must attend.

David will be speaking alongside other investors, entrepreneurs, and founders this January at the Capitalism Conference in Dallas. Tickets will go on sale September 17th, and only 600 are available. Reserve a spot on the early notification list here.