Ezra Firestone stopped by the show today to give all of us a lesson in how to create a massive 7-figure income through retail e-commerce. Here's how he did it.

In this episode of the Freedom Fast Lane Podcast, Ezra describes the tactics he has used to drive sales and make millions in his work to sell physical products.

Ezra uses platforms like Pinterest, Facebook Messenger, and direct email marketing to drive traffic to his multiple sales pages. And, in doing so, Ezra reveals how he unleashed the most efficient means to running a sustainable e-commerce sale funnel that will rarely ever dry up.

Innovative ideas in marketing

Asking future customers to make "micro-commitments" increases their commitment to follow through with purchasing products from you, Ezra concluded though his experience on selling through Facebook and other social media platforms. And, using a platform like Messenger is more likely to yield open rates rather than traditional email marketing. Just the fact that people use Facebook more than their own email address can guarantee an uptick in exposure. In the entirety of the episode, he shares multiple strategies he has used to achieve the highest possible prospects in sales.

Plus, Ezra points out that people love to have access to long-form content that highlights the benefits of buying his products. Though this type of content has fallen out of popularity in other media spaces, however, when customers are more informed about the product they wish to purchase, they are more likely to make the purchase.

E-commerce, in the end, is on the increase and you can see major upticks in your sales if you jump into the phenomenon.

However, Ezra can speak for himself in regards to how effective and innovative his selling techniques are.

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