JP Sears is a YouTube comedian, emotional healing coach, and world traveler. He’s well known for his satirical parodies of veganism, gluten-free fads, and other new age beliefs. His satirical videos have accumulated millions of views! 

Although first impressions make it easy to wonder if you can take him seriously, he simply puts humor to the most important parts of his life. 

JP Sears Net Worth: $200k – $1 million

Early Life

JP Sears was born on April 12, 1981. Although he’s nearly 40, he definitely doesn’t look the part. He grew up in Northwestern Ohio and moved to California when he was 23. Since then, he has moved around from city to city. 

His mother was Catholic and his father was an atheist. Although his mother wanted to raise her kids as Catholic to please her own parents, it didn’t work out. JP has one sister as well who, from a young age, he had to take care of while their parents split up. 

Is JP Sears Actually a Life Coach?

As hard as it is to believe based on his videos, JP Sears’ life coach services are legit! Before YouTube, he had 16 years of experience as an emotional health healing coach. He has worked with thousands of one-on-one clients, and has also taught many classes, workshops, and retreats around the world since 2006. JP used to run serious client sessions up to six days a week, with clients from all over the world.

He was also the owner of a health club called Holistic Health and Fitness from 2002–2012. JP was a faculty member of the C.H.E.K Institute from 2006–2013 where he met one of his mentors (the founder of the institute). 

Although traditional college wasn’t for JP, he did attend an emotional healing coach certification program at Journeys of Wisdom. He also holds certification as a Holistic Coach Advanced Practitioner through the Holistic Coaching Institute in Columbus. 


JP Sears has shared a few of his mentors that helped him become the person he is today. 

Paul Chek is the founder of C.H.E.K Institute and JP’s first mentor. JP began as a student of the institute, but soon became a teacher. He sought out Paul’s expertise for exercise and nutrition. However, he soon began to learn about emotional health and spirituality through Paul as well. They became very close. 

JP’s second mentor was John McMullin from Journeys of Wisdom. He taught JP how to work with people at the heart level. He learned how to resolve pain, wounding, trauma, self-sabotage, and self-imposed limitations.

Aside from these mentors, JP has learned a great amount about himself from coaching and helping others.

How Does He Make Money?

JP Sears YouTube 

JP started his internet career by posting satirical YouTube videos, which blew up. In an interview, he states that he posted his first videos because was taking himself and his spiritual life too seriously. He wasn’t letting his natural, humorous side show in his life. In response, he posted the videos as a form of self therapy. However, they went viral and his business strategy practically fell into his lap! 

He believes that learning to replace seriousness with a little playfulness is a great practice of non-attachment. Additionally, he found humor to be the key to help a bigger audience. He states that he doesn’t typically use humor in one-on-one client practices, instead he uses vulnerability. 

Each of his videos now get thousands of views (many of them are in the millions)! He’s built a solid fan-base. Since his videos are optimized with ads, this is definitely his primary source of income. 

One of his most famous videos is called “How to be Gluten Intolerant” has 10 million views. The JP Sears vegan video, called “If Meat Eaters Acted Like Vegans,” has 12 million views! 

We sat down with JP to ask what the secret is to shareable videos. Check out his answer!

In all, nearly 20 of his videos have over 1 million views. He also has hundreds of videos that have 100,000 views or more. To put that in perspective, it’s estimated that Youtube content creators make anywhere from $1500 – $7000 per every million views (depending on if the video was watched all the way through). 

This number is based solely on ads. JP Sears has a few occasions of sponsored videos, which add to the cash flow. One of his hilarious videos was sponsored by PooPourri and has close to 6 million views! On a side note, we spoke to the lovely Suzy Batiz at our conference (the creator and 100% owner of PooPourri). 

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Other Services

Youtube isn’t the only way JP keeps up his income. Another way JP Sears’ net worth has grown is through his life coach services. Previously, his life coaching Skype sessions cost $200 for a 2-hour session! Unfortunately, we think these may have been discontinued with the launch of his premium service. There’s no harm in emailing him about it though.

His new premium subscription channel acts as a private community for his fans. It costs $19.99 a month, or $179.99 a year. It comes with weekly classes, expert interviews, and other content that you can’t find anywhere else. The content is designed to provide additional life coaching and awaken various parts of you. If you’ve tried other life coach programs and been disappointed, you might want to see what his has to offer. Maybe a little humor is all you needed! 

JP Sears podcast, called “JP Solocast” is another outlet where he shares life coach advice (with a touch of humor). There are nearly 50 episodes to indulge in. He also published a book called How to be Ultra Spiritual: 12 ½ Steps to Spiritual Superiority. It’s available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as well as some smaller booksellers. 

He also performs at stand up comedy events. Tickets typically cost $25 for general admission. In 2019, he will be performing throughout multiple cities. Just a few of these include Reno, Tucson, Phoenix, Lexington, Indianapolis, San Diego, and Tampa. 

Occasionally, he speaks at spirituality events and even retreats. For one, he spoke at Leigh Burton's Soul Intentions retreat in the Mayan Riviera in Mexico.  

JP Sears Wife + Family

JP Sears wife is named Amber Sears (previously Amber Zuckswert). She’s a holistic business coach who helps leaders build their businesses. They’re the perfect match! Before getting married in 2018, they had been dating for years. 

They don’t have any children yet. However, a very recent Instagram post from Amber shared about preparing for pregnancy, so let’s expect to see some adorable babies soon! 

Before meeting Amber, JP dated a photographer and emotional health coach named Diana Deaver.

Charitable Contributions

Whatever the net worth of JP Sears may be, it’s no surprise to find out that he wants to give back to the world. Right on the front of the JP Sears website, you’ll find his statement about his partnership with Charity: Water. Their goal is to help bring clean water to the 663 million people in the world who only have access to dirty water. 100% of donations go directly towards the cause! They’ve already provided clean water to 8 million people. 

What Does He Spend His Money On?

Other than JP Sears’ gluten-free bread, he doesn’t live a very flashy lifestyle. He does indulge in traveling experiences, however. Recently, he took a trip to the Sacred Valley in Peru with his wife. He even shared a podcast episode about what he learned from the spiritual adventure! 

The power couple also has a home in Austin, Texas. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a home tour. Other than this, it’s hard to say what else JP Sears spends his money on!

A Few Insightful JP Sears Quotes

Unless you’ve done personal coaching with him, most people only see his comedic side. However, digging deeper will find quotes that help answer the question of who is JP Sears

“Authenticity is when we look at our gifts and look at our flaws and we say yes to both”

"People ask: 'Are you sincere, or are you humorous?' My answer is 'Yes, I'm both'. It's like asking, 'Do you have a right hand or do you have a left hand?' "

“As a generalization, I think meaning and a sense of purpose in life comes when we’re willing to explore mystery.”

“People are used to conforming to something. Even if you say, ‘I don’t conform to anything,’ well, that’s a box too.”

Final Thoughts

Although we can’t put an exact number to JP Sears’ net worth, he definitely makes a killing from his Youtube channel and other life coach services. He loves to introduce comedy and fun into anything he does. At the same time, his emotional intelligence drives him and he knows how to help people. Who doesn’t need a little comedy in their life?