MacKenzie Scott, formerly MacKenzie Bezos, is worth billions. Unlike many others, MacKenzie firmly believes in giving back to society. She has donated billions of dollars but continues to be one of the wealthiest women in the world. She’s a successful novelist and an activist.

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What is MacKenzie Scott’s Net Worth?

MacKenzie Scott’s net worth is an estimated $29.6 billion according to Forbes as of the day of writing.

MacKenzie Scott’s Net Worth$29.6 billion
Date of BirthApril 7, 1970
Age53 years
Gender Female
Height5’7” (1.7m)
Place of BirthSan Francisco, California, United States
ProfessionNovelist, Philanthropist

MacKenzie has been through quite a few rough patches, from her father’s bankruptcy during her childhood to divorcing her husband after 25 years.

However, she has repeatedly proved she’s a strong, persistent woman committed to helping society.

She has contributed to building Amazon alongside Jeff and has been the wealthiest woman in the world for a short while. Let’s talk about MacKenzie’s early life and how she ended up with billions of dollars to her name.

Who is MacKenzie Scott?

MacKenzie Scott Tuttle is a novelist and philanthropist and Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife. She was born to Jason Baker Tuttle (father) and Holiday Robin (mother) on April 7, 1970 in San Francisco, California.

She attended the Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, Connecticut. While she was in school, her father went bankrupt. The family moved to Florida soon after, but MacKenzie didn’t spend much time there.

She enrolled at Princeton University to study English. She studied under Toni Morrison, a well-known author at the time.

After graduating in 1992, MacKenzie moved to New York to become a novelist. While trying to become a successful author, she got a job at D.E. Shaw, a hedge fund, where she worked as an administrative assistant.

How Did MacKenzie and Jeff Bezos Meet?

MacKenzie assisted Jeff Bezos at D.E. Shaw, who was the company’s Senior Vice President at the time.

MacKenzie and Jeff met in 1992 and engaged just three months later. They got married the following year. But around this time, Jeff was also growing more curious about ecommerce.

At first, MacKenzie wasn’t sold on the idea of Jef quitting his job to pursue his dream of launching an ecommerce store.

Eventually, the couple decided to quit their jobs and move to Seattle to build an ecommerce store. While MacKenzie drove the car across the US, Jeff brainstormed product ideas for the new ecommerce store.

Jeff settled on starting with books because they’re non-perishable, and people wouldn’t want to physically check the product before purchasing.

While Jeff worked on building the business, MacKenzie took care of bookkeeping and other administrative tasks.

She also took fiction writing classes from the University of Washington during the night. MacKenzie’s first book, “The Testing of Luther Albright,” launched much later.

Understandably so, given she was building the world’s biggest online retail store with Bezos. She also released a second book, “Traps,” in 2013.

MacKenzie became the world’s richest woman for the first time, albeit briefly, on July 13, 2020. However, by this time, she had divorced Jeff Bezos.

She and Jeff announced their divorce on January 9, 2019. She received 19.7 million Amazon shares at the time of divorce, valued at $38.3 billion.

What Happened After the Divorce Between MacKenzie and Jeff Bezos?

MacKenzie’s net worth soared soon after her divorce, and she started focusing on philanthropy.

As the pandemic locked people inside their homes in 2020, they were forced to order stuff on Amazon and stream content on Amazon Prime Video.

In August 2020, MacKenzie Scott’s net worth touched an all-time high of $67 billion.

MacKenzie didn’t waste any time in embarking on her philanthropic journey. On July 28, 2020, she posted an article on Medium stating that she’s donating $1.7 billion to 116 charities.

Five months later, MacKenzie donated another $4.2 billion to 384 organizations.

By the end of 2020, MacKenzie Scott had donated $14 billion to a total of 1,600 non-profits.

MacKenzie had received a $37 million house as part of the divorce settlement from Jeff Bezos. She donated the home, which had a market value of $55 million at the time, to a charity called California Community Foundation in August 2022.

MacKenzie married Dan Jewett, a high school science teacher, in March 2021. However, the marriage didn’t last. MacKenzie filed for divorce in September 2022.


How much is MacKenzie Scott’s net worth?

MacKenzie Scott’s net worth is an estimated $29.6 billion according to Forbes.

How did MacKenzie Scott become a millionaire?

MacKenzie became a millionaire by co-founding Amazon with Jeff Bezos. The stake she received in Amazon from Bezos at the time of divorce made her one of the wealthiest women in the world.

What is MacKenzie Scott's separation agreement with Jeff Bezos?

MacKenzie received 19.7 million shares (roughly a 4% stake) in Amazon, valued at $38.3 billion at the time, as part of the divorce settlement. MacKenzie also received the couple’s home in Beverly Hills, California. According to The Independent, Bezos and Scott share 50/50 custody of their four children.


MacKenzie Scott is one of the reasons Amazon exists today. As a co-founder, she played a crucial role in creating the world’s largest online marketplace. What’s admirable is that Scott is using her wealth to make the world a better place.

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