Red light therapy’s hot. (Not that kind of red light, if your smutty mind went there.)

It would be understandable for an entrepreneur to build a product-first business selling these low-frequency red light devices to reduce scars, wrinkles, acne, and redness. And Pascal LeMarechal did. 

But he knew Novaalab had the potential to be much, much more.

So when Pascal LeMarechal joined the Capitalism Incubator, he found the pivot he needed to go big. Novaalab is now an “aging” better and biohacking brand. This pivot opened a whole new market AND landed Pascal solidly in the place of being his own ideal avatar (man, does that make marketing and product development a lot easier!).

But that’s not even the coolest thing about what Pascal’s up to.

What’s even cooler? How about the fact he had a $60K new product sellout launch in four days while working one hour a day from a French tropical island vacation??? Yup.

If that doesn’t smack of the Owner’s Model we teach, then what does?

Oh. You want to know how he did that. Fine.

Pascal issued a challenge to his email marketing guy. “I want to sell them ALL in 2 days. And I want to do it using nothing but my email list.” 

Email dude said, “Hold my Soixante-Quinze.”

Then he crafted 16 emails with 3 custom emails to 3 different audiences (recent purchasers, email openers, and non-openers).

But they didn’t even use all 16 emails. That’s because they sold out after sending just 3. Then they sent 5 more emails to take preorders for the next inventory run… and presold 100 more units.

Let that sink in. 

Now you see why we HAD to talk with Pascal and ask him the questions that are now flooding your brain.

Like… HOW THE _________ DID YOU DO THAT?

In a nutshell, here’s his advice

Build your freaking list. Your list = a huge asset of customers waiting to buy your next product.

Hire rockstars. Invest in a good copywriter and an excellent email marketer. Hire right, and they become a profit center, not an expense. You bring your vision and ideas, and they work their magic. 
Know your customers. No one knows the answer to “what product should I sell?” better than your customers do. Pascal asked them what they wanted. They answered. He made it. They bought. Can it get any simpler?

Pascal's crushing it on the road to $1 million... are you next?

We'll update you on Pascal's progress as he builds his brand. He's doing all the right things and we're rooting hard for him as he uses his business to make the world a better place for his customers, community, and family.

If his story inspires you to build your dream business - one that has the power to create generational wealth - we'd love to help you do it. In fact, we're on a mission to make one million millionaires by 2028.

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