Amazon is not your business. It's your access to sales and new customers.

In this episode of the Freedom Fast Lane podcast, learn important strategies to successfully selling through Amazon and beyond. This value tested free advice is a starting point to making money through the Amazon private label model.

The first thing you need to do is to decide what business you should be in, rather than choosing which products you want to sell. Even though you can start conceptualizing how a product can turn a profit, the long term-strategy calls for being more organic to the type of products and customer audience you seek to sell and market to.

You should never consider Amazon as your business. Amazon should be considered a point of sale for your various product offerings. With this in mind, you will be given access to the largest retail customers base you can get in the retail e-commerce space. Growth potential is high.

Having multiple revenue streams beyond Amazon will allow you to build on your success.

And, with any product, you have to be able to find a space that you can compete in and that isn't already dominated by major brand names. You must be able to find a product that will give you the benefit and how product research should be done. It isn't as simple as you think.

Once all of these steps come into place, you can find a customer audience that is ready to buy your products, regardless of the competition. When you find the supplier and your first orders come in and there in shipping, you have to use that time for more research into the type of consumer that is purchasing your products or whom you want to sell too.

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