She's a successful businesswoman, wrestler, and promoter in the wrestling industry. The name might sound familiar – her father is the owner of World Wrestling Entertainment! Although her father paved her an excellent path to success, her passion for the family business and impressive leadership skills helped drive her ahead. No wonder people go searching for Stephanie McMahon's net worth.

Net Worth: An estimated $75 million

Stephanie McMahon's Net Worth

Stephanie’s Early Life

Stephanie was born in Hartford, Connecticut on September 24, 1976. Her parents are Linda and Vince McMahon. Her father is the founder of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), which is worth billions. Stephanie became involved in the family wrestling business from a young age. 

At just 13 years old, she began modeling merchandise in WWE catalogs (known as WWF, World Wrestling Federation back then). 

How old is Stephanie McMahon? 42 years old 

Stephanie’s mother is just as impactful in her life. She describes her mother as a powerful, inspirational woman. They’re still very close and have appeared on a couple of talk shows together. 

Linda McMahon served as the 25th Administrator of the Small Business Administration from 2017 to 2019. She also worked as a CEO for WWE for nearly 30 years. She first met Vince she only 13 years old (he was 16) and they got married four years later! 

Although Stephanie fell in love with the family business, she made school a priority as well. After graduating from Greenwich High School, Stephanie continued to Boston University and earned a degree in Communications. Once she graduated in 1998, Stephanie went straight to work full-time with WWE. 

Stephanie has one older brother named Shane who was born in 1970. He plays a large part in the family company as well – Shane McMahon’s net worth is nearing Stephanie’s.

Beginning the Legacy – Vince McMahon 

If you think Stephanie McMahon is rich, take a look at her billionaire father. His net worth started from zero. Although he is a third-generation wrestling promoter and his dad was the one who officially began the WWF, Vince took over right when he became an adult. 

He quickly skyrocketed the company to success. Now, Vince McMahon’s net worth is over $3 billion! He’s one of the wealthiest individuals in America. Stephanie McMahon owns 2.5% of WWE stocks, which translates to millions.

Stephanie recently sat down with us to discuss how WWE became a global brand at our Capitalism Conference. Check out the video below for further insight into her life and her family’s legacy. 

YouTube video

Keeping Business in the Family

WWE Net Worth – $5.71 billion

Before her current role, Stephanie held many positions in the company. She has worked as an account executive, receptionist, creative designer, television producer, creative writer, and has even acted as a ring performer on multiple occasions. 

The more the merrier. Stephanie has excelled in every role! For example, her time as Executive Vice President of Creative in 2007 was a huge success. Here, she played a huge role in launching the WWE app, which has now been downloaded over 20 million times. In addition, she launched huge partnerships such as USO Metropolitan Washington, Tout, and Yahoo. 

Stephanie has also been the driving force behind WWE’s women’s evolution, which has given female performers an equal share of the spotlight inside and outside the ring. She was the first woman to lead WWE's Talent Relations, Talent Brand Management, and Live Events businesses.

Her effective business strategies have propelled her forward in the company. 

Chief Brand Officer

Although Stephanie has taken on a variety of roles at WWE, she currently acts as Chief Branding Officer. She was promoted to this role in 2013. Her job description is to enhance its brand reputation among advertisers, media, business partners, and investors. She has created many more successful celebrity and business partnerships throughout the past few years.

Her yearly salary for Chief Brand Officer is $2.2 million. No matter what role Stephanie fills in the company, she goes above and beyond! 

Wrestling + Television Career

In addition to her official role at WWE, a chunk of Stephanie McMahon’s net worth has stemmed from her time on the screen. She has appeared on a number of television episodes (both wrestling related and non-wrestling related). For starters, she has been featured as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Howard Stern Show, and Opie and Anthony

As for wrestling, she has appeared on many shows and episodes. At one point in 1999, she held the WWE Women’s Championship! She became the general manager of SmackDown (a wrestling television program) that same year. However, she took a two-year hiatus from WWE television after losing the ‘I Quit’ match with her father.  

In 2013, she became a regular on WWE programming through a three-year contract. 

Stephanie has appeared in 10+ WWE video games. She also appeared as the voice for an animated character in “Scooby-Doo! And WWE: Curse of the Speed Demon” 

She states she is currently writing her memoir, which will be released in 2020. This will be another bonus to Stephanie McMahon’s net worth

Awards & Recognitions 

It’s not a surprise that Stephanie’s list of awards isn’t short! 

Pro Wrestling Illustrated

  • Woman of the Year (2000)
  • Feud of the Year (2002) vs Eric Bischoff
  • Feud of the Year (2013) vs. Daniel Bryan 
  • Most Hated Wrestler of the Year (2013) 
  • Most Hated Wrestler of the Year (2014) – with Triple H

World Wrestling Federation/WWE

  • WWF Women's Championship 
  • Slammy Awards (2 times)
  • Vincent J. McMahon Legacy of Excellence Award (2016)

Other Awards

  • Most Powerful Women in Cable honoree by Cable magazine (four-time winner)
  • Fairfield County Business Journal – 40 Under 40 Award
  • Multichannel News Woman to Watch
  • Honorary Chairperson of the Special Olympics of Connecticut
  • Broadcasting and Cable and Multichannel News "Women in the Game
  • Digital Entertainment Executives to watch
  • Multichannel News TV Wonder Woman
  • Henry Crown Fellow
  • Stuart Scott ENSPIRE Award
  • Honorary Doctorate of Business Administration from Robert Morris University
  • Included in Adweek’s list of Most Powerful Women in Sports 
  • Included in Sports Business Journal’s class of “Game Changers: Women in Sports Business” in 2017

Stephanie McMahon Kids + Husband

Being so involved in the family business, it’s not a surprise that she fell in love with a successful WWE wrestler. She began dating Paul Levesque (also known as “Triple H”) in 2000 and they were married in 2003. They got engaged on Valentine’s Day! 

Stephanie McMahon's net worth

The couple now has three daughters together. They’re ages 13, 11, and 9. They also have two furry, barking members of the family. Stephanie and Triple H definitely have their hands full with their family and work!

Fun Fact: Triple H’s net worth is close to Stephanie’s at about $40 million. He is 49 years old and has held 13 championship world titles throughout his entire wrestling career! 

Their Hectic Lifestyle

You won’t find Stephanie and Triple H spending their days basking in the sun and drinking margaritas in Beverly Hills. Instead, the power couple lives close to WWE’s headquarters in Connecticut. 

Their lives revolve around work, fitness, health, and their three kids. They often travel for work, but luckily the $27.5 million WWE private jet lets them fly effortlessly. They also have a few cars including a Lamborghini Hurricane, Range Rover, Mercedes Benz SL600, Toyota Land Cruiser, GMC Yukon XL, and even a Limousine. 

Although their address is available online and they seem to live in a luxurious mansion, they have yet to show off their home tour. We do know they have a massive home gym, which is a must-have for WWE superstars. Triple H also has a personal trainer. 

In addition, they invest in pre-made meal services and personalized meal prep. We’ve also peeked at Stephanie’s massive shoe closet in her Instagram photos! 

She also has a very large social media presence of 1.9 million followers on Instagram and 3 million on Twitter. Triple H takes the cake with 5.7 million on Instagram and 7.3 million on Twitter!

Charity Donations + Giving Back

With Stephanie McMahon’s net worth in the millions, we’re glad to hear that she donates to charities and causes she believes in. 

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H created and funded a charity “Connor’s Cure through Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation in honor of Connor Michalek. Donations provide funds for pediatric brain and spinal cancer research, and medical care for children and their families. The charity has raised nearly $3 million dollars! 

Stephanie McMahon also puts on many events that donate the proceeds to charity. For example, she recently helped launch Girl Up Campaign’s Sports for a Purpose program. She has participated in a number of wrestling matches where the proceeds went to charity as well. 

At her WWE position, she helps create many charity-related partnerships. WWE has raised over $400,000 for children’s charities! There is even an entire section on the WWE website dedicated to their charity and community events. 

She is a member of the Board of Directors for WWE, USO Metropolitan Washington and Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation. 

In addition, she and her husband donated $2,700 to the presidential campaign of Chris Christie.

McMahon Family Net Worth – Ranked 

  1. Vince McMahon – $3.1 billion
  2. Linda McMahon – $1.35 billion
  3. Stephanie McMahon – $75 million
  4. Shane McMahon – $35 million
  5. Triple H – $30 million

Bottom Line

Overall, Stephanie McMahon is a powerful woman that we admire and had a blast speaking with. She has helped greatly enhance the wrestling brand her father built and we look forward to witnessing her accomplishments that are soon to come. Perhaps we’ll see Stephanie McMahon’s net worth in the billions in the future! 

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