James Swanwick was able to create a powerful, fashionable brand by using certain tactics to leverage cognitive biases into make his prospects become customers. Here's how he did it.

On this episode of the Freedom Fast Lane podcast, James discusses his tips for using cognitive biases to leverage his prospects into becoming loyal customers.

By creating the Swanwick Sleep brand, James was able to model a marketing strategy that addressed people's pain, showing how the benefits of this product can improve sleeping. He's used customer testimonials, eased access to purchase, and making―overall―it easy to acquire the product, to substantiate the evidence of his brand being a solution to a prospective customer's sleep problems.

But how do you do this? James explains how he does it in this excellent episode.

James explains why it's important to talk about benefits customers receive from using your products.

Focusing your product messaging on how customers can benefit from your offerings will greatly benefit you and your buyers. When the customer is given the ability to make an informed decision in purchasing your product, you get closer to a sale.

A variety of methods can be used to shift someone's cognitive biases, such as asserting a person's confirmation bias in their decision making. Swanwick explained that this can be done through a product page, in addition to a product message that emphasizes the benefits of the product. Plus, you can see some very dramatic increases in sales when you circulate video demonstrations through all of your brand's outlets.

Swanwick explains that this "hack," among others, can yield high sales conversions and turnovers while also increasing probable prospect demographics and potential customers.

You also have to be able to identify the right elements of an effective technique that make your potentials customers, into lifelong, loyal ones.

If you want to build a rabid, loyal customer base, tune in to what James has to say in this episode of Freedom Fast Lane.

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