He is one of the most notorious rappers in the world. This guide will explain Yo Gotti’s net worth, history, how he became successful, and some of the money he's made along the way.

There's no denying it: Yo Gotti is one of the most recognized rappers on the planet. He became famous for finessing the microphone with his fast rhymes and chameleon-like style. His talent, determination, and go-getter mindset helped this rapper move from the Memphis projects into a $7.6 million California mansion. Yo Gotti’s net worth will make your jaw drop. He proves anyone can chase their dreams and build extreme wealth regardless of a troubled upbringing.

Yo Gotti Net Worth:$16 million
Real Name:Mario Sentell Giden Mims
Date of Birth:May 19, 1981
Birthplace:Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Height:5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)
Source of Wealth:Rapper, Songwriter, and Record Executive
Best-Known For:Founder/CEO Collective Music Group and Dropping Dope Rhymes

Who is Yo Gotti?

Born on May 19, 1981, Mario Sentell Giden Mims—later known as Yo Gotti—grew up in the housing projects of Memphis, Tennessee. The neighborhood was far from picturesque. From an early age, he witnessed more than his share of drugs, crime, and violence. And some members of Mario's own family found themselves on the wrong side of the law.

When Mario was in elementary school, federal agents raided his parent's home. They arrested several family members, some receiving long prison sentences. This moment left a lasting impact on young Mario.

Although Mario began drinking, smoking, and even stealing while still a child, he knew it wasn't the right path. Instead, he turned to music. At 14, Mario began writing songs and rapping under his new stage name, Lil Yo.

The Rise of Yo Gotti

Lil Yo quickly built a fan base and started releasing albums. His hardcore beats and explicit lyrics made him the leader in the gangsta rap genre. Inspired by mobster John Gotti, he changed his name once more to Yo Gotti.

Yo Gotti's music career spread like wildfire. His albums garnered attention worldwide. In 2012, he used his newfound fame—and a pocket full of Benjamins—to found his record label, Cocaine Muzik Group. Under CMG, he signed some of the best up-and-coming hip-hop artists in the industry, including Moneybagg Yo. Yo Gotti eventually changed his record label's name from Cocaine Muzik Group to Collective Music Group.

Today, Yo Gotti is one of the music industry's most influential rappers and record executives. And he's also a savvy businessman with a knack for growing incredible wealth.

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What is Yo Gotti's net worth?

Yo Gotti's net worth is an estimated and astounding $20 million!

How did he accumulate all that wealth? Through hard work and sacrifice. Yo Gotti focused on reaching the top, never looking back until he reached the peak.

A lotta cats wanna be a rapper or a street hustler, but they don't wanna put in the time that it takes. They want the money and the cars and the girls, but they don't wanna work hard for it. But to be successful at anything, you gotta grind for it. – Yo Gotti

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How does Yo Gotti make money?

Watching his parents struggle to pay the rent and put food on the table instilled a hustler's mindset in Yo Gotti. He vowed to get out of poverty—and he did. Here's how he makes his money:


Not only has Yo Gotti released a ton of albums, but they are all hugely successful. One-third of his albums are Gold Certified by the RIAA.


Contracting Yo Gotti for a performance isn't cheap. The rap megastar charges $150,000-$300,000 per booking.

Recording Executive

As the founder of Collective Music Group, Yo Gotti has earned over $10 million.


Yo Gotti banks millions through sponsorships. Some of his brand endorsements include:

  • PUMA
  • Pure Atlanta
  • Hood America
  • Childsplay Clothing
  • PRIVE Restaurant & Lounge

Real Estate

Flipping real estate is one of Yo Gotti's side hustles. He buys dilapidated properties, fixes them, and resells them for profit. His latest real estate investment is his private home—a 10,000 sq ft home in Westlake Village, California. It's worth an estimated $7.6 million.


You know his rhymes and move to his beats. But are you a true Yo Gotti stan? Check your knowledge below:

How much is Yo Gotti's net worth?

As of 2023, Yo Gotti's net worth is $20 million. And he expects that number to increase in the future. Is a Yo Gotti net worth of $50 million possible? He could reach that goal within the next 20-30 years.

Here's how his net worth has grown:

  • Yo Gotti net worth 2022: $16 million
  • Yo Gotti net worth 2021: $15 million
  • Yo Gotti net worth 2020: $14 million
  • Yo Gotti net worth 2019: $13 million

This entrepreneur built a $50 million net worth after losing everything.

How did Yo Gotti become successful?

Yo Gotti first became famous as a rapper, but founding his record label catapulted his career to new heights. Collective Music Group opened doors for new collaborations, records, and money-making opportunities.

What endorsements does Yo Gotti have?

Several brands have sponsored Yo Gotti over the years. His latest endorsement is as a brand ambassador for PUMA.

What albums has Yo Gotti released?

Yo Gotti drops new beats more often than Walmart drops its prices. To date, he has recorded and released 11 studio albums, 22 mixtapes, and 57 singles. And that total doesn't even include his singles or featured artist releases!

These are his most popular albums:

  • Back 2 Da Basics
  • I Am
  • The Art of Hustle
  • Untrapped
  • Life

What are some of Yo Gotti's most popular songs?

When it comes to rhymes, Yo Gotti has written hundreds, if not thousands! Add these Yo Gotti songs to your Spotify playlist:

  • Juice
  • Errbody
  • Down In The DM
  • Rake It Up
  • Act Right

What collaborations has Yo Gotti done?

Working with other musicians is one of Yo Gotti's passions. He has collaborated with:

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How has Yo Gotti's popularity changed over the years?

When Yo Gotti began rapping in the 90s, he had a limited—but rabid—fan base in Memphis. Through word-of-mouth, his music started reaching listeners across the globe. He built a successful record label from the ground up, signing some of the most famous names in rap and hip-hop. Today, everyone in the music industry knows Yo Gotti's name. And up-and-coming artists crave the chance to work with him.

What other business ventures has Yo Gotti been involved in?

In 2021, Yo Gotti purchased a minority stake in D.C. United, an MLS soccer team.

What are some of the luxury items Yo Gotti owns?

Yo Gotti works hard for his money and likes to show off the fruits of his labor. Check out these extravagant purchases:

  • Two Rolls Royces for $1.2 million
  • $180,000 Richard Mille watch in turquoise
  • $400,000 turquoise Ferrari F8
  • $290,000 turquoise Lamborghini
  • Twin watches by Richard Mille worth $440K and $650K


Despite growing up in poverty and surrounded by crime, Yo Gotti decided to turn his life around. Through hard work and determination, he transformed himself from a Dirty South rapper into a worldwide superstar. Today, this rapper turned record executive is one of the leading names in the music industry. He's also one of the richest.

The estimated net worth of Yo Gotti is $20 million. Ready to boost your own net worth? Well, if you want to become a famous rapper like Yo Gotti, we recommend fine-tuning your rhymes, practicing your beats, and networking within the music community.

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