Thank god the election is over. Right?

I think we're all friggin' tired of talking about it. We're all relieved that it's over, but now we have this, we have problems in the world.

We all know there's problems in the world. I think we'd all be a lot better off if we just started with the fact that we all have, we all want problems to be addressed.

What we're seeing now is half the country says, "Yay, victory. We've won. So, we can solve our problems." Then, we have the other side saying, "Oh no, we have to wait four years before we can solve our problems."

Because there's an assumption that if there's a problem, you get involved with government. You wait for government to do something about it. Rather than taking responsibility and doing something about it.

Do you have any idea how bad the government is at solving problems?

Regardless of what side you're on, we agreed that there are problems in the world. You and I might disagree politically, but we agree there are problems that we want to solve, right?

If we start from that fact, and we recognize that government is completely inept at solving problems and businesses are way better at solving problems, then we could have an actual conversation about what we're going to do about things.

People say, "Well, what about problems that are too big for business? What about healthcare? There's too much money in healthcare to be able to make a real difference."

You realize the money in healthcare is because the government is so involved. What creates the Martin Shkreli's of the world?

He's the dude that raised the price on medications from like a dollar to $750, whatever it was. The price gouging that he did. What creates the Martin Shkreli's of the world?

Is it that he's just a big giant douche bag? Probably. I mean, the guy probably is a douche bag. But he can't do that in a free market.

He can't do that if there's actual competition in a place. But, there's not competition because the government has such high barriers to entry to actually participate in that field.

The cost to get a drug approved by the FDA are over $100 million. There's no free market in that. There's no competition in that.

We can just look at energy. How much money does the government spend, even spreading a message of, "Oh, we're going to solve the energy crisis. We're going to make everything better. We're going to have clean energy."

What have they done?

We look at the private sector, and the innovations that are happening there. The companies that are making drastic changes and profitably.

The profit motive isn't just the best way to get rich. The profit motive is actually also the best way that you solve all problems because the profit motive is proof that something is working well.

The profit motive is the feedback that says, "This is viable." That's why business is the best way to solve a problem.

The same way people decry greedy corporations that are just out to make a buck. The only way that it's greedy and unethical is if government is involved choosing winners and losers.

When you have the government going in and saying, "This car company get a billion dollars. This company gets nothing." That's the government getting involved. And that's greed, 'cause now you don't have real competition.

But, if you have voluntary exchange, just the fact that there was a transaction made, just the fact that there was buyer and a seller, that and it's voluntary, and they set their own price, that's a good thing in and of itself.

That's an ethical thing.

If somebody gets rich from producing things in the marketplace, good for them.

Why do we decry that? Why do we call that greed? Somebody else chose them.

The best thing that we can do is to encourage as much success as possible. The best way that we can solve any problem is to have an environment where the people who profit the most by solving that problem do that.

I'm fascinated by companies like Quest Nutrition. Their goal is to end metabolic disease. They say anything that helps us achieve this goal, we'll support.

Whether that's our products, or other companies, and if another company comes along and does it better than us, God bless 'em. Because they have that mission, they're a $500 million a year company. They've been around for five years. They did it profitably.

The government can't solve problems that big. Only businesses can do that.

Capitalism's the best shot that we have of solving any problem. I don't care what it is or what side of the aisle you fall on. We're on the other end of the most annoying and obnoxious political season ever.

Can we at least agree that we have problems that we all want to solve?

We all want people to be successful. We all want people to be wealthy. We all want people to be healthy. We all want to see discrimination end. We don't do that by waiting for government.

We don't do that by hoping that in the next four years, the right guy or girl replaces Trump, or replaces Obama, or replaces whoever it is that you don't like.

Whoever you do or don't like means nothing about how you live your daily life, and that means a lot more about how this world is shaped than who is president.

Whether you're happy or you're upset right now, it's your responsibility to craft the world that you want.

You do that with the products you buy. You do it with the businesses that you start.

The best way that you can solve a problem is to support businesses that represent what you want. Or to start a business that solves the problem that you feel passionate about because if you can do it profitably, it actually gets done.

Whereas, if you wait for government, won't even get solved.

That's how you make a difference. Not by how you vote. Not by what you protest.

We do it through the free market. We do it through capitalism. Not through government.

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