Machine Gun Kelly has had a successful career in music and Hollywood. But his life wasn't always paved with gold. Learn about this rapid-fire rapper's rags-to-riches story, sources of wealth, and controversial rap-battle feud.

He grew up in poverty, uncertain he would make rent on time. But Machine Gun Kelly focused on mastering his one-of-a-kind, rapid-fire rap style, becoming one of the most recognized names in hip-hop. His impressive story demonstrates that anyone can hone their craft, build a rabid audience, and create a fortune.

Let’s take a look at Machine Gun Kelly’s net worth, how he made his money, and even the stranger parts of his story… like feuding with Eminem and drinking Megan Fox’s blood.

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Machine Gun Kelly Net Worth:$25 million
Real Name:Colson Baker
Date of Birth:April 22, 1990
Birthplace:Houston, Texas, USA
Height:6 ft 4 in (1.92 m)
Source of Wealth:Rapper and Actor
Best-Known For:Rapid-Fire Rhymes and Feuding with Eminem

What is Machine Gun Kelly's net worth?

Machine Gun Kelly's net worth is $25 million.

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Who is Machine Gun Kelly?

Colson Baker—later to become Machine Gun Kelly—was born on April 22, 1990, in Houston, Texas. His parents were Christian missionaries with a nomadic lifestyle. The family lived in Egypt, Germany, and throughout the United States.

His mother left when Colson was nine, and his father moved his son to Denver, Colorado. Colson dealt with constant bullying there. Kids ridiculed him for being poor and wearing the same two outfits. He started rapping in middle school, using words and rhymes as a defense mechanism.

When Colson was in high school, his father moved to Kuwait, forcing the teenager to live in his aunt's basement. He continued writing music, recording his first mixtape, Stamp of Approval. Inspired by Ludacris, DMX, and Eminem, the up-and-coming rapper decided to pursue a career in hip-hop.

From Basement to Billboard

Stamp of Approval gave Colson visibility. Fans started calling him Machine Gun Kelly, and the name stuck. Local venues booked MGK, but he couldn't pay the bills. He took a job at Chipotle to avoid eviction.

Machine Gun Kelly competed at Apollo Theater's Amateur Night and won back-to-back victories. He was only 19. His performances opened the door to new opportunities, including an appearance on MTV2's Sucker-Free Freestyle.

MGK released his debut album, Lace Up, in 2012. It debuted at number 4 on the Billboard 200.

From there, MGK became unstoppable. He continued releasing music, collaborated with famous artists, landed acting roles, found himself in a rap feud with Eminem, and made headlines for ritualistically drinking Megan Fox's blood.

How did Machine Gun Kelly build his fortune?

Machine Gun Kelly's successful music career pays most of his bills. But he also earns money in other ways. Let's explore his sources of wealth:

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1. Yearly earnings of $7 million from music

After signing with Bad Boy and Interscope Records in 2011, he turned his passion for writing rhymes into a lucrative career. He earns over $7 million annually from music sales and royalties, including his cash flow from Spotify and Apple Music streams.

2. Earns up to $3 million per acting role

Machine Gun Kelly also acts, appearing in the films Action Point and Captive State. And although he mainly sticks with minor roles, each one earns the musician a 7-figure paycheck.

3. Owns a mansion in Encino, California, worth $7.5 million

In 2022, MGK purchased the property from YouTuber Logan Paul. It features seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a custom wet bar, an oversized pool, and a sprawling backyard.

4. Collection of luxury cars and motorcycles

Machine Gun Kelly owns an expansive luxury car collection worth over $1 million. In 2020, thieves stole the rapper's purple Aston Martin DB11. Police found it abandoned in a residential neighborhood a few days later.

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5. Signed a million-dollar deal with Reebok

Reebok partnered with Machine Gun Kelly to promote its Club C sneaker. The company said, "His dynamism truly connects to our brand and really comes through in everything he touches."

6. Has millions of followers on social media

Machine Gun Kelly's YouTube channel alone has 8.7 million subscribers, earning the musician up to $2.1 million yearly.

What about Machine Gun Kelly's Instagram? It has 9.4 million followers.

Fast-Firing Machine Gun Kelly FAQs

What's Machine Gun Kelly's net worth?

So, just how much is Machine Gun Kelly's net worth? As of 2023, the rapper has a net worth of $25 million.

Take a look at Machine Gun Kelly's net worth over the years:

  • Machine Gun Kelly net worth 2022: $24.5 million
  • Machine Gun Kelly net worth 2021: $23 million
  • Machine Gun Kelly net worth 2020: $20 million
  • Machine Gun Kelly net worth 2019: $19 million

How did Machine Gun Kelly get his start in the rap industry?

Machine Gun Kelly's 2009 win at the Apollo Theater helped the rapper go from basement performer to venue headliner.

What awards has Machine Gun Kelly won?

No, he didn't win a Grammy in 2023, but Machine Gun Kelly does have bragging rights to these awards:

  • Two American Music Awards
  • Two Billboard Music Awards
  • Two iHeartRadio Music Awards
  • MTV Europe Music Award
  • Two MTV Video Music Awards
  • 12 (yes, 12!) Ohio Hip-Hop Awards
  • Radio Disney Music Award

He also received Spotlight Awards from the Newport Beach Film Festival and the San Diego International Film Festival.

What is Machine Gun Kelly's acting career?

MGK has a few film credits to his name. They include:

  • Good Mourning (2022)
  • Captive State (2019)
  • The Dirt (2019)
  • Bird Box (2018)
  • The Land (2016)
  • Beyond the Lights (2014)

What is Machine Gun Kelly's feud with Eminem?

Machine Gun Kelly found himself in a real-life rap battle with Eminem.

What started the feud? In 2012, Machine Gun Kelly tweeted that Eminem's daughter was "hot as f*ck." The tweet went viral, and pretty much everyone—including music critics—felt it was out of line.

But Eminem didn't respond initially.

Instead, MGK added fuel to the fire years later. In 2018, MGK collaborated with Tech N9ne, dissing Eminem in the song "No Reason."

This time around, Eminem did strike back. In his song "Not Alike," the rapper called out MGK by name. Machine Gun Kelly responded with these lyrics:

Man, you sound like a bitch, bitch

Man up and handle your shit (ugh)

Mad about somethin' I said in 2012

Took you six years and a surprise album just to come with a diss

So, who won the battle? The Game told Complex Magazine he believes MGK is the winner. "I feel like Machine Gun Kelly really gave his all."

But what about Machine Gun Kelly's net worth vs. Eminem's net worth? Eminem wins this match with a net worth of $230 million.

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What collaborations has Machine Gun Kelly been part of?

Machine Gun Kelly has worked with countless musicians, ranging from rappers to pop stars to rockers. His best-known collaborations include:

  • "Forget Me Too" ft. Halsey
  • "My Ex's Best Friend" ft. Blackbear
  • "Bad Things" ft. Camila Cabello
  • "I Think I'm OKAY" ft. Travis Barker and Yungblud
  • "Emo girl" ft. WILLOW

What endorsements does Machine Gun Kelly have?

Machine Gun Kelly has signed deals with Reebok and Young & Reckless.

What is the origin of Machine Gun Kelly's nickname?

Early fans gave Machine Gun Kelly his nickname because of his rapid-fire rapping pace that mimics shooting rounds on a machine gun.

What is Machine Gun Kelly's real name? The name on his birth certificate is Colson Baker.

How old is Machine Gun Kelly? He’s 32.

What kind of cars does Machine Gun Kelly own?

Machine Gun Kelly might like fast cars more than he likes fast lyrics. He has a car collection worth over seven figures. Parked in his garage, you'll find:

  • Rolls Royce Phantom worth $450K
  • McLaren 720s worth $300K
  • Aston Martin DB11 worth $246K
  • Lamborghini Gallardo worth $195K
  • Mercedes Maybach S Class worth $173K
  • Jaguar F-Pace worth $60K

What school did Machine Gun Kelly attend?

MGK attended Shaker Heights High School in Cleveland.


Machine Gun Kelly grew up poor but rhymed his way to a $25 million fortune. His distinct, fiercely articulated rapping style set him apart from other musicians. And even a feud with one of hip-hop's elite didn't stop this musician from making it big.

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