Tory Burch effectively worked her way to the top and branded her name to a fashion empire. Not only is she a successful fashion designer, but Tory has built an incredible audience based on empowering women entrepreneurs through her foundation. Learn more about her brand and how she helps others, plus peek into her luxurious life!

Tory Burch’s Net Worth (estimated): $1 billion

Starting a Fashion Empire

To this day, Tory Burch’s fashion brand brings in billions of sales. She launched the boutique in February 2004 in New York City after years of working in the fashion industry for top designers. Her brand began to skyrocket to success after receiving significant celebrity endorsements (Oprah Winfrey was her first large endorsement). As you might imagine, this huge endorsement helped Tory Burch sales fly through the roof. 

The Tory Burch company now has 120 flagship stores worldwide, plus their products are in large department stores like Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, and Sak’s! They sell apparel, footwear, accessories, fragrances, activewear, and watches. The brand’s style has been described as preppy-chic and preppy-bohemian – the Tory Burch logo is an easily recognizable sign of the brand. 

Who Owns the Tory Burch Brand?

For years, Burch acted as the CEO for her company. However, Tory Burch’s husband, Pierre-Yves Roussel, was named CEO of the company soon after they were married at the end of 2018. There has been some criticism from the public due to the timing and nature of their relationship, but it’s no question that he’s qualified for the job after working as chairman at LVMH Fashion Group (the CEO is Bernard Arnault, one of the richest men in the world). 

Tory Burch took on the role of chairman and chief creative officer, but assured her fans that she would not be stepping back from the business. The power couple plans to work together closely on growing the brand even further – even at Tory Burch’s age of nearly 60 years old, there is still plenty of room to grow her company. Lucky for her, she doesn’t look a day past 30. 

What is Pierre-Yves Roussel’s net worth? Tory’s husband is estimated to be worth around $80 million. 

Is Tory Burch High End?

They’re not the most expensive brand in the world, but they can definitely be classified as luxury. For example, their bags range from $200 all the way up to over $1,000.  

How Much is Tory Burch Company Worth?

Tory Burch’s net worth doesn’t even reflect the entire company because she only has a 28.3% stake – the total company is worth an estimated $4 billion to this day. 

Is Tory Burch a Good Company to Work For?

Here’s what one employee said in comments made on “It has a lot of benefits In the store for the employees. The discount is amazing, they are reliable people. Tory Burch is an amazing place to work and teaches employees how to handle a high demand career. Great benefits.” The company currently has a 3.5-star rating on Indeed.

What Is the Tory Burch Employee Discount?

No wonder many of the employee reviews point to the discount as both delightful and dangerous. At 40%, it would be easy for employees to go a little crazy shopping. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine employees eating ramen after overdoing it on payday.

How Much Does Tory Burch Pay Hourly? reports that hourly pay at Tory Burch LLC. ranges from an average of $12.70 to $28.10 an hour. Tory Burch LLC. employees with the job title Sales Associate make the most with an average hourly rate of $13.61, while employees with the title Sales Associate make the least with an average hourly rate of $13.61.

Before Tory Built Her Brand

Before starting her boutique, Tory majored in art history at the University of Pennsylvania, then moved to New York City after graduating in 1988. She worked for Zoren, Harper’s Bazaar magazine, Vera Wang, Ralph Lauren, and Loewe. After working with a number of successful designers, she acted on her dreams to start her own fashion label. 

How Tory Spends Her Money

This billionaire loves to indulge in the finer things. With Tory Burch’s net worth, why not indulge? 


One thing Tory loves buying is glamorous homes. About a decade ago, she purchased a home in Southampton, New York. This house boasts an outdoor pool with a pool house, a tennis court, a basketball court, formal gardens, an expansive lawn, 7 bedrooms, and 9.5 bathrooms. She purchased it for $38 million – the 15,000-square-foot home lies on about 15 acres of land. 

In addition, she owns a lovely Caribbean home in Antigua. She added sustainable touches during her renovation including solar panels, a desolation plant, and a cistern to collect rainwater. Tory Burch’s house also features a massive vegetable garden with cucumber, cantaloupe, okra, eggplant, peppers, kale, beans, and even more. The home also boasts a pool surrounded by brick and a beautiful ocean view. 


Tory enjoys spending her free time on lavish vacations (not including business trips she has to take). She has traveled to Marrakech, many areas of France, the Hamptons, Myanmar, Phuket, Istanbul, and pretty much everywhere else in the world! As expected, she typically stays in luxury hotels that aren’t cheap. 

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Personal Life

Tory Burch has been married three times. In 1993, she married Willian Macklowe, but they divorced within a year. She married J. Christopher Burch in 1996 and had three sons with him (Henry, Nicholas, and Sawyer). Although Tory kept his name, they divorced in 2006. Burch started dating Pierre-Yves Roussel (former CEO of LVMH) in 2014, then married him in 2018.

Tory Burch’s children are now adults – the oldest are twins and were born in 1997. Her youngest son was born in 2001. 

Growing up, it’s likely Tory Burch’s family played a part in her entrepreneurial spirit. Her mother was a former actress and her father was a wealthy investor that had inherited a paper cup company and stock exchange seat. 

Philanthropy + Charitable Contributions

Aside from being a fashion entrepreneur, Tory Burch is a philanthropist and great business leader that empowers like-minded women worldwide. 

Tory founded her own foundation called the Tory Burch Foundation in 2009, which supports the empowerment of women entrepreneurs through mentoring, small business loans, and education. They offer an education program where women entrepreneurs can compete for grants and mentoring (including a $50,000 grant and a $50,000 no-interest investment in their business). 

Partnering with Bank of America, the foundation launched Elizabeth Street Capital in 2014. This helps provide access to low-cost loans, mentoring, and network opportunities. The program has provided over $46 million in loans to over 2,000 women and Bank of America has pledged $100 million. In order to receive a loan, you must have a sustainable business with at least two years of generating revenue (plus a satisfactory credit score).

The foundation’s website also shares content including tips and features of female-owned businesses – Tory has done an incredible job at growing an audience through this empowerment platform. 

She also serves on the boards of the Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, the Startup America Partnership, the Council of Fashion Designers of America, and the Barnes Foundation. Finally, Tory also is on the Industry Advisory Board of the Jay H. Baker Retailing Center and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. 

The Takeaway

Overall, Tory Burch is an inspiration to millions of entrepreneurs worldwide. She founded and tied her name to a massive brand, plus she built a significant audience of entrepreneurial women that aim to follow in her footsteps. Her foundation has helped thousands of women in their business endeavors. We’re excited to see how Tory Burch’s net worth continues to grow as she expands her massive fashion empire even further!

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